The new Xperia: Sony gets ready to take on Apple

sony logo Sony’s Xperia T was famously the choice of Daniel Craig’s Bond in the box-office hit Skyfall and Andrew Garfield’s title character in The Amazing Spider-Man uses an Xperia X10 Mini Pro.

And now the Japanese tech firm is hoping a little bit of Hollywood glamour has rubbed off on the brand as it gears up to launch the latest smartphones in the range.

Despite the high profile endorsements though, Sony has been lagging behind its major rivals Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market.

sony zlBut it is now launching a major offensive with a new line of stylish handsets running on Google’s Android operating system. Sony is by no means out of the game and, indeed, has ambitious plans to boost its smartphone sales by a mammoth 51 per cent.

According to ABI Research, Sony was the number eight handset maker in the world in the third quarter of 2012, behind the likes of Huawei and TCL but the firm will now be hoping to climb up those charts. It’s certainly no surprise Sony is working to secure a bigger slice of the smartphone pie, which is expected to be worth more than $150bn worldwide next year.

Rumours had been circulating that Sony was planning a 5-inch 1080p phone, codenamed Yuga. But now Sony’s new phones are definitely more than rumours. There’s the new 5-inch Xperia Z and its little brother the Xperia ZL – both of which are expected to put in guest appearances at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

The new Xperia Z is widely expected to feature a 13-megapixel camera and a quad core processor, all in a stylish minimalist design. Other rumoured specs include a water-resistant chassis, HDR video and photo, a “Full HD Reality display” and what Sony is calling a “skeleton frame structure”.

The smartphone is also reportedly running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box with an update to Android 4.2 planning later down Sony Xperia Z and ZLthe road.

The second high-end phone due to be released by the Japanese company was originally thought to be called the Xperia Odin or the Xperia X, but we now know it will be the Xperia ZL..

Some specs have already surfaced. It is expected that the Xperia ZL will be thicker and heavier than the Xperia Z. And, while the Xperia Z is due to have an expensive-looking glossy, glass-like plastic, the ZL is thought to feature a patterned back similar to that on the Xperia E Dual.

While Sony is yet to officially unveil either model, some technology sites are already claiming to have caught a glimpse of the device at the Sony booth at the CES booth in Las Vegas.

Dennis van Schie, who is Sony’s sales and marketing chief, certainly seems to be feeling confident about the new gizmos. He has previously said the company was preparing to release “a flagship model that can compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III”.

Well, if it’s good enough for Bond and Spiderman …

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