New suit from M&S that could banish sweaty patches

We are all looking forward to the summer months, where hopefully the hot weather will induce al fresco dining, warm balmy evenings and the chance to shed a few of these wintery layers. For some people however, the summer heralds a bit of a social problem, excessive sweating, and up until this week, all there was to rely on were ultra strong deodorants.

Marks and Spencers - men's summer suits

But now, Marks and Spencers have come up with a range of clothing that could banish sweaty patches and the dreaded BO, associated with excessive sweat production.

The technology was first patented in 1942 by the Ministry of Defence and utilised during the Second World War in gas masks, where the material would absorb and neutralise harmful gases released during chemical attacks on soldiers.

Now, this same innovative technology is being used in a very different way, as the nano-porous material has been especially designed to absorb body odour molecules and then neutralise them to negate any unpleasant odours.

the DeoTags, which Marks and Spencers are incorporating into their men's summer suits

Technical fabric innovators Odegon Technologies, who make the DeoTags, which Marks and Spencers are incorporating into their men’s summer suits, say each patch ‘has the surface area equivalent of a tennis court and last for the length of the garment, even after washing’. They added: ‘Polarised molecules from body odour are absorbed and permanently trapped within the material’s structures until the garment is cleaned, either by hand or machine washing or by dry cleaning, and the molecules are flushed out.’

DeoTag_122655144613The tags are a small and discrete fabric tag, measuring 7cm x 4cm and incorporate a three-dimensional mesh of highly absorbent material. The DeoTags are actually sewn into the underarm of suits and blazers available nationwide and online by Marks & Spencer, as part of the retailer’s summer range. The company say that this special tailoring offers a unique solution to consumers and could reduce dry cleaning costs and as such, prolong the life of the garment.

DeoTags can be sewn into any garment by clothing manufacturers, and without the need for additional machinery. They are chemical-free, odourless, inert, non-allergenic and environmentally-friendly tags or patches and remain permanently in place for the life of the garment. They also perform the same odour absorbing quality, regardless of how many times the garment is worn or washed. As such, DeoTags can be sewn into any item of clothing, from include shirts, jackets, blouses, coats, uniforms and corporate wear, footwear, sportswear and activewear, formal and casual clothes.

The Odegon DeoTags have been placed into the under arms of their latest range of suits and blazers, which include the M&S Man Superlite Suit costing £179, and M&S Man Performance blazer priced at £99.

These innovative pieces go on sale this month as part of the store’s summer range for men.

For those of you who also suffer from smelly feet, you’ll be pleased to learn that the same company also make patches for shoes called ‘DeoSole’ that eliminate foot odours in the exactly same way.

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