The new shape of television? Samsung set to release innovative new design

samsung prototypeThe unofficial city slogan may be: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. But, for the technology innovators showing at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the opposite is the case. They will be hoping their inventions go global.

And, while it’s always exciting to see what cutting edge gizmos will spring up at CES in the world’s entertainment capital, this year could be more interesting than ever.

One of the key attractions is widely expected to be a radical new portrait television screen set to be revealed by South Korean technology giant Samsung.

The firm has already released a video tease, saying: “A true innovation of TV design is coming up with an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless gallery design.”

It could pit Samsung against Apple is a rivalry which is becoming increasingly bitter and competitive as, towards the end of 2012, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook gave his strongest hint yet that the Californian gadget maker was preparing to enter the television market. Although, while lots of the major electronics manufacturers proudly show off their new inventions in Las Vega, Apple has always preferred to hold its own launch events, so we won’t be seeing any new Apple gizmos at CES.

In a video posted on Samsung’s YouTube page, Samsung’s new TV is tantalisingly covered up with a sheet.

Other standard sized televisions are shown making the journey to see the new innovation.

The move comes after Samsung revealed a prototype at last year’s CES, showing off its ‘Smart Window’ technology with a touch-screen interface on top of transparent glass. At the convention, Samsung showed the prototype running apps including Twitter.

Samsung adThe Smart Window wowed  crowds last year – totally see through, it came to life with a simple touch of the screen, overlaying widgets, websites and media onto your view.

So, it seems the new television will feature technology first shown in 2012.

But, we don’t quite understand what you’d be able to view on an out-of-the-ordinary sized television unless film studios and television broadcasters produce material to fit. At the moment, everything is filmed in wide 16:9 format, so Samsung’s television will have to fit around that to be not just beautiful, but useful.

One possibility could be that the screen rotates to let you switch between landscape mode, to watch your television shows, and portrait to use it as a tablet.

However it will work, it certainly has the technology forums buzzing. One user described it as a “fascinating toy,” adding that it could be the “technological basis for a whole range of new control interface options.”

But another forum user said: “No, much too futuristic, our tv’s are a comfy part of our lives this doesn’t look comfy.”

Given that the television is the focal point of most people’s living rooms, with all of the seating tending to point towards that box in the corner, or on the wall, Samsung may have its work cut out to get us to make any major changes.

All will be revealed, we’re sure, at CES.

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