The New OLED Screen – CES 2010

The OLED will mark the first release of a fully functional, fully closeable mostly transparent screen on a laptop computer.

samsung oled transparent screen

The screed is actually about 85% transparent, and yes, you can watch as you wave your hand back and forth behind the screen!  This is truly a breakthrough in modern technology, and the best part is that it is opaque from behind, so that those sitting in front of you can not see what you are working on, therefore maintaining total security and privacy.

There have been products over the years that have presented precursors to the OLED.  There was once even a phone with a see through screen, and of course the technology has been around for quite some time with see through clocks, etc.  But this, the OLED, adds an entirely new level, to the see-through excitement, the Samsung Mobile Display’s prototype 14-inch notebook.  Is the notebook still a prototype, yes, do we care? Heck no!  And why, because it is awesome!

But where does technology go after it perfects the transparent screen? It moves on of course, and where too?  The Automobile!  Yes, that’s correct, those transparent touch screen car windshields that we have all been dreaming about for so many years, are on the way!

But wait a minute, isn’t this the stuff of the Jetson’s?  Isn’t it supposed to be another couple of hundred years until our minds can even comprehend this technology?  The simple answer is no! And boy are we grateful!  Cars with see through windows? What are next, military jets, commercial planes?

We are entering a new era of technology ladies and gentlemen.  Over the next 5 – 10 years we will see wonders that will quite nearly blow our minds. But for now, it is the OLED.  This amazing leap in computer screen technology is currently only available in a 14” size, but I am sure that none or us can imagine it taking long for a 27” to come along.

So this is th3 21st Century, huh? I don’t know about you, but I simply can not wait to see what they have in store for us next.

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