The new Gadgets expected in 2013

It’s been a pretty exciting year when it comes to new releases. 2012 has brought us the iPad Mini, the iPhone 5, Windows 8 and the Wii U to name just a few. So, will 2013 bring such innovation? Here are some of the new gizmos expected next year.

Apple TV

Apple TV

Rumours have long been rife that technology giant Apple was gearing up to release its own television set. Apple itself previously refused to comment on the issue but, in interviews to mark his first year as Apple CEO following the death of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook gave his biggest hint yet. “When I go into my living room and turn on the TV, I feel like I have gone backwards in time by 20 to 30 years. It’s an area of intense interest,” he said. Analysts are predicting Apple TV will be available to buy in November 2013 and could feature Siri and iSight to enable voice and face recognition.

iPhone 5S

iphone 5s

We know lots of you are probably still recovering from queuing for hours, or even overnight, to get your hands on the latest iPhone 5, but a new version of the ever-popular device is due to hit Apple stores in the summer of 2013. Features are expected to include a super HD screen, better battery and near field communication, which is used in the likes of contactless payment systems. Industry experts also expect the phone to come in more colour choices.

Xbox 720

x-box 720

Gamers have had a long wait for the follow-up to the Xbox 360 but it is finally expected during 2013. It will build on motion-detection technology used in the Kinect and could also include augmented reality glasses and a Blu-ray drive. It is thought the release will be timed for autumn to cash in on the Christmas market.

Amazon phone

amazon phone

Already one of the most popular makers of gadgets, thanks to its range of Kindle readers, Amazon is thought to be preparing to venture into the phone market. Like Kindles, Amazon is expected to use its handset as a loss-leader for generating revenue through its e-books and Appstore, so it is likely to be fairly cheap.

Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note

Whereas once Samsung was condemned for a gadget that was neither phone nor tablet, the Note has proven surprisingly popular – so much so, Samsung is tipped to be bringing out an even bigger version. The Galaxy Note III is expected to come with a 6.3-inch display, nearly an inch bigger than the Galaxy Note II.

Galaxy Skin

Galaxy Skin

Samsung is also widely reported to be working on new practically-unbreakable phones. The Korean giant is developing displays that can bend and roll, and survive bumps and knocks, by using a plastic polymer rather than glass for its screens. The new technology would be used on Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy smartphone, although analysts are divided about whether it will come onto the market in 2013 or whether more time will be needed to perfect the technology and it will be released in 2014.

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