The New Big Brother Housemates 2012

Tonight at 9pm we were treated to our first glimpse of the new housemates, all sixteen of them and here they are:

Deana – 23 Birmingham

First in to boos, poor Deana picked the short straw as she was given the secret task of nominating three of her housemates for a live eviction. Deana, as Miss India, has 3 servants and 1 chef and describes herself as honest and straightforward, if she thinks you are fat she’ll tell you. She has been threatened in the past because of her looks and doesn’t trust people easily. She likes having the last word and needs one hour a day to be on her own.

Arron – 23 Manchester

Arron, second one in is a model who is always being told he is good-looking so he figures he must be then. He likes nice hotels and women, is the class clown, thinks he is funny, is single and a bit of a player. He was slapped down once in a club for his cheeky chat up lines. He is hoping that there is something good-looking in the BB house and he would rather be good-looking than rich.

Caroline – 20 Surrey

As one of the youngest contestants, Caroline is a student who is now on her second gap year. Her parents are very embarrassed that she has entered the BB house. Caroline hates making her bed as she is lazy and rebels and is impatient. She won’t do any tasks that make her look silly or make her a complete arse. She cuts her own hair and has brought 5 hairbrushes into the house.

Shievonne – 30 London

This lady has had lots of jobs as she gets easily bored. She was a Playboy bunny and met Hugh Hefner and says once a bunny always a bunny! She is on the go 24/7 and does not drink water, she likes fizzy drinks and caffeine. She doesn’t want a man unless he is Will Smith but he is already taken. She likes being the centre of attention and thinks she is Peter Pan.

Conor – 24 Derry

Conor described himself as crazy and a prankster and people tell him that he looks great. He gets lots of female attention but he never chats women up himself. He says that going on BB will benefit the nation as a whole. He works as a personal trainer and his ideal woman is tall, tanned and beautiful. He lives at home with his mam!

Lauren – 20 Jersey

Lauren wanted to be a farmer like her dad when she was growing up but came to the UK instead to study Criminology at university. She got her tractors licence at age 16 and is a black belt in karate where she has won 3 World Wide Championships. She says that living on a small island like Jersey will ready her for living in the BB House.

Luke A – 31 Wales

Luke is a chef who is married and he was a ladies man before he got married apparently. He was born female but always knew he was male and this is the reason he has entered the BB house. He does not know when he will tell his fellow housemates but thinks he will get to know them first. He was born in South Africa and does not like vegetarians.

Adam – 27 Dudley

Adam moved to LA in the US when his parents split up but came back to the UK as he reckons that this is his home. In LA he went to prison for fraud, B&E and assault but now he works for young offenders with addictions. He has privacy issues within the BB house but thinks the experience will be the whole thing!

Sara – 22 Edinburgh

Sara is a model who won Miss Edinburgh but not Miss Scotland and she doesn’t think that was fair. She loves Meatloaf and Maggie Thatcher and loses her temper quickly but does not know why it happens. She is attracted to chavs and eats a lot and is not nervous about being booed, just as well because she was. She eats an astonishing 8 meals a day.

Scott – 21 Macclesfield

Scott used to be an Avon rep but now collects wooden spoons and handbags, not sure if that is for work. Everyone thinks that he is posh but he is not, his father is a ruffian and his friends are a bunch of chavs but he steers well clear of them during the day. He has never told his family that he is gay but he is ready to mingle and is single.

Ashleigh – 20 Essex

A typical Essex girl is Ashleigh, all fake tan and hair extensions, she describes herself as bubbly and a nutter. She swears a lot but says it is to relieve the tension. She also is single and ready to mingle and she loves Justin Beiber. She has packed 4 bottles of fake tan which is just as well as hers was running off in the rain.

Luke S – 25 Stoke

Luke loves cougars and he thinks that his first impressions on people are arrogance. He works as a club promoter, he reckons he has a good bum and good arms which Brian checked over. He confessed to being with married women and he can’t wait to see what is in the BB house. He wants 4 kids in 5 years.

Lydia – 25 Cheshire

Lydia’s fiancee is none other than Andy Scott Lee, and Lydia is a dancer who has appeared in Mama Mia, dancing with Meryl Streep who got her birthday cake brought to her on set by Pierce Brosnan! She likes to make people laugh and she is very logical, she has danced with Kylie and Robbie Williams and was tenth in line to be in The Saturdays.

Benedict – 32 Macclesfield

My favourite so far, naughty Benedict was a school teacher until his antics as a stripper were bought to the school’s attention and he was sacked! He says that he will defend the right to watch non-safe sites and he will clean while he is naked so long as he gets something in return; surely a clean house is a gift enough? Watch this one, he’s gonna be funny.

Chris – 21 Luton

Sounding like Joe Pasquale on speed, Chris aka Dimples I am calling him says that he is two-faced he works as a bailiff and a doorman and says that he has been assaulted and kidnapped before due to his job. He loves Essex women, the faker the better and his mum comes over once a week and does his cleaning for him – ahh!

Victoria – 41 Berkshire

Ex model Victoria says she will miss her dogs most of all when she enters the BB house and that she is not a cougar! She hopes that there is some decent eye candy in the house but warns that when she drinks the clothes tend to come off. She has 6 dogs and is an Animal Rights Activist. She has packed 8 bikinis.

Update: Deana has nominated Conor, Victoria and Lydia and one of these will be evicted on Friday.

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