New Bicycle Bell with a modern sound from Spurcycle

Fed up with the old ring from your bicycle bell? Found out to your cost that it doesn’t alert people to get out of your way quickly enough? Or do you just want to ring the changes with an up to date modern sound? Well, a new project by Spurcycle could have just the answer for your. They’ve come up with a simple solution, and designed a powerful sound, all housed within a trim, modern shaped bell, which is ideal for any type of bike, from a mountain, town or road bike. This bell is smaller, yet delivers a powerful sound that will catch the ears of even the most absorbed pedestrian.


Every aspect of a bicycle bell was completely redesigned and engineered to a higher standard. The result is a much more compact and well-integrated component. And the adjustable mount means that not only fit any make or model of bike, but that it can be maneuvered and repositioned to match exactly where you feel most comfortable with it.


You fix it onto your bike using just one single fastener, which is visible through the top of the dome, and that is all you need to secure the entire assembly. And to use it, all you do it give it a quick flick with your thumb for a light courtesy “ding”, or a little more action for an alarming “DING-DING-DING” to grab a driver’s attention.

The bell won’t rattle or ring either when its not in use, even if you are riding over rough ground, and it is constructed using the finest high quality materials of rust proof stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.


As for the sound, this unique bell is loud enough to alert both pedestrians and drivers, but with a most pleasant tone. The Spurcycle team worked alongside the Bevin Brothers, a well established company within the cycling bell industry, and the alloys were especially chosen to provide the bell with an attractive tone.

After spending hundreds of hours designing and finessing the bell, Spurcycle are now at the production stage, and have decided to launch their project on the crowd funding site KickStarter, where they have had an incredible response already, having raised $67,277 of their projected $20,000 goal, with 1,219 backers so far and 40 days to go. However, there are pledges still available if you want to be part of this campaign, with $1, $35, $45 and $80 or more still up for grabs.


The bells come in two colours, raw or black and you can pledge for either, and you can also hear the tone of the bell by going to the KickStarter page.

For more information, check them out, we think you’ll be hearing a lot more about them!

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