The Need to Know on Cat Supplies

ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box

The ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box may be one of the greatest inventions ever made in the mind of cat owners. The litter box automatically takes care of the things that cat owners want to do the least. Cleaning, filling and emptying the box are gone for an entire month with this litter box, at least for 30 days. The box also takes care of odors by locking them in a cartridge. After 30 days you simply remove and replace that cartridge and the cleaning is done. You can add a litter box hood that comes separately and that will give your cat some privacy, but that would be the only reason to get it, because the box is pretty good at concealing the smell. It is a good investment especially if you do not like dealing with a litter box, because it does the job for you.

Petmate Litter Catcher Mat X-Large

The Petmate Litter Catcher mat is a great idea. Without a mat you can end up with the area that surrounds the litter box covered with sand, but the litter catcher effectively takes care of that. The size is perfect, and we say almost because some cats can kick the sand really far, but for the most part it leaves the area clean. Another benefit is that when the cat steps on the mat, any sand or litter that it may have on its paws stays on the mat. That is very beneficial considering the way cats drag the litter all over the carpet. Even if your cat uses a covered litter box it is good to place this mat by the entrance so that the sand stays there. Also unlike some other mats the petmate litter catcher does not cause any damage or hurt your cat’s paws.

Booda Cleanstep Cat Litter Box

The Booda Cleanstep Cat Litter Box is one of the fanciest in the market. It is almost as if your cat is going into its own igloo in order to use its litter box. The look is stylish and for the most part it manages to keep the cat litter and the smells inside. It has little steps for your cat to step in and the depth of the litter box itself means that you can use more sand inside to keep your cat happy. The only problem that the Booda Cleanstep Cat Litter Box gives is that it is too hidden, so you as the owner may not be paying that much attention to how full the box may be. Also if your cat takes something in there, you may not notice until it is time to clean the box. But overall and if you can keep an eye on your cat, this is a great addition to your home.

Rattan Two-Tier Cat Bed With Washable Pillows

The Rattan Two-Tier Cat bed is one cat bed that your little friends will love. Cats are very independent and sometimes even moody, so to give them a cat bed where they have two different options makes a lot of sense. The bottom bed makes the cat feel protected and cozy. It gives him that comfortable place to be when it wants to be alone. The look of the two tier bed also can look great in your home because it almost does not look like a cat bed and instead has a certain look of nice furniture. It is also great if you have two cats as they can share the same bed because of the dual bedding. Because the pillows are washable, you can also keep the bedding clean.

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