The Most Luxurious Flooring in the World

Naturally, you have heard about luxurious floors and floorings, and items like the Carrara marble, mahogany parquet tiles and, more commonly, vinyls and laminates, would be familiar to you. These last materials are used the widest in floors worldwide, being relatively inexpensive, durable and easily obtainable.

Ebony Diospyros ebenum, striped ebony

Ebony Diospyros ebenum, striped ebony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, there are flooring materials that are truly expensive, and to use them, you need to be extravagant and generous. These flooring materials include:

Exotic hardwood like zebra wood, wenge, Brazilian walnut and Macassar ebony, also known as Calamander wood, are truly rare and thus expensive. For instance, the Macassar ebony is found only in India, Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka. While it is not true ebony, it is of similar species, a true hardwood, and so dense it needs no filler to finish. Flooring will cost you around $150 for each square foot. Color range from dark brown to black streaked with orange-gold. You can imagine how beautiful a floor made of this wood will be.

Similar in appearance to Macassar ebony is wenge, which is sourced only from Central Africa. Durable, hard and weighty, the wood gives any floor the aesthetically pleasing sturdy and permanent look that can captivate any homeowner enough to wonder if he can afford it.

Another African hardwood is the zebra wood which, as its name implies, approximates the black-white stripes of a plains zebra. Perhaps the most costly hardwood floor material in the world, it is a mark of extreme elegance and wealth, because the zebra wood is from an endangered species of West African tree so acquisition is very complicated and can have adverse ecological and environmental results.

Meantime the Brazilian walnut, colored chocolate brown, is often mentioned as the hardest hardwood, getting 3,680 in the Janka scale (though the Australian buloke rates 5,060 Janka). The wood resists pests, does well in humid weather, and is favorite choice for decking aside from flooring. It is also referred to as ironwood because of its hardness.

On the other side of nature, two of the most expensive man-made flooring materials are the Godiva stone and Pietra Firma tiles. The Godiva stone tiles use gold, silver and copper foil in various patterns to further enhance the beauty of marble.  There is, for example, variegated leaf color pattern that looks like, well, leaves, of course. It gives you the sense of walking on leaves but without the crunch and tactile experience.

Pietra Firma’s tiles are the most expensive tiles in the world at $1,000,000 per square meter. Each tile is adorned with 95 cut diamonds in a floral pattern in a black agate circle. The corners are inlaid with nacre and abalone shell pieces to present a most stunning effect. Furthermore, the diamond inlays are somewhat protruding for a perceptible presentation. Pietra Firma has other tile products if your preference is not the diamantiferous LuxTouch tiles.

Extravagance in floors and flooring is not new, but most beautiful buildings only have marble floors, that being the known best flooring material for a long time. But new ideas are generated as time goes, so today the most extravagant floors may use materials beyond mere marble.

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