The Modern Sophisticated Bedroom

Modern sophisticated bedroom

Modern sophisticated bedroom

For most of us, our day starts and ends in our bedroom. Knowing that we spend quite a lot of time in our bedrooms, it obviously makes sense to decorate it in such a way that it’s considered to be a serene oasis and at the end of the day we can happily lay over there allowing all our worries to melt in seconds.

These days, it is all about having that classy, modern sophisticated bedroom which speaks of our style in every angle! The trick to having a beautiful, modern sophisticated bedroom is by giving it a personal touch. Set your bedroom tone by setting up big furniture pieces and accent the color, lighting and pieces in your room.

When you come across a modern breath-taking bedroom and you wonder to yourself ‘Wish I had a bedroom like this’ – well, I would say you can absolutely decorate your bedroom and make it look as sophisticated as possible. It’s not that difficult to set up a sophisticated, modern bedroom, all you need is a little focus and an idea about selecting and choosing quality designs. It’s all about getting that refined, cosmopolitan and elegant look. Here are a few tips that you can consider while decorating your bedroom.

  • Play with Colors: Well, colors have this unique effect on our moods. The color of your room can actually dictate your mood! Neutral colors like beige, silver and grays can give a sense of calmness in the room. On the other hand, Earthy tones like mulled wine, sage or even sand can give a very tranquil effect. But, if you want a color that gives an exciting vibe, you should go for bolder colors. However, the neutral colors tend to give a more sophisticate look than the bolder ones.
  • Little is More: If you want a neat looking and well-maintained bedroom, make sure you keep it as spacious as possible. De-clutter your room, nothing can be worse than having a cluttered room, totally spoils the appearance of the room. Scan all your items and get rid of things or give it for recycling if it’s no longer needed. Another important thing to keep in mind – always tidy your room as and when possible. If you take something out, make sure you keep it back in its place.
  • Right Accessories: It’s all about choosing the accessories wisely. Keep them as elegant and sophisticated as possible. You can probably put up a few picture frames, or put a few elegant flowers in a pretty vase at the corner or even a few classy bronze sculptures should do the trick. Getting long stem artificial flowers seems to be one of the latest trends.
  • Upgrade: You know? We often tend to collect as many things as possible. In fact, I’m pretty sure our homes are no less than a museum! How old is that curtain of yours? If its more than five years, please, please, please get rid of them! Replace those worn out ones with cool sheers and patterned fabric curtains or even with some classy Roman blinds. If you have had those washable bed linens since god knows when, it’s time you upgraded them! It’s wise to choose beddings that perfectly match your room color. Also, getting a linen that has a very weaved and textured feel will definitely enhance your bedroom appearance. Always choose bedding with smaller patterns than the larger ones.
  • Other Tits and Bits: To give that sophisticated look, add a few pieces like a lingerie chest, accent chair, bedroom vanity or a jewelry armoire would give that cosmopolitan appeal.

Bedroom is that place of your house where you have the most intimate and personal time. It is that space where you have most of your private moments. When having a space as personal and as important as it, it makes sense to keep this tiny abode of yours as modern and sophisticated as possible, something to your liking. Keep the bedroom simple; do not add too many small details. All you need to do is put the right furniture, choose the right colors and probably add a few high-end gadgets like a LED TV and a sexy looking surround system. Just put your soul into it and you shall have one awesome looking sophisticated bedroom! 

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