The metrosexual look is on the rise

The term metrosexual first came about in 1994, used to describe the more feminine type of man, who looks after himself and enjoys shopping. The metrosexual look is now on the rise, more than ever before, with men regularly going on sun beds or having spray tans, whilst grooming themselves and using facial products, such as moisturiser.

So why is it that men are showing more of their feminine side? Perhaps this is partly as a result of the programme ‘The only way isEssex’, where the guys think nothing of joining a local Weight Watchers group or popping into a beauty salon in their lunch break to have a pedicure. Infact, male grooming is very high up on the list of all those featured in the programme, which most definitely plays a part in metrosexuality being on the rise as a whole.

With news reporting that male grooming products have been on the rise since December last year, it seems that many men may take longer than women to get ready now, as a result of the rigorous beauty regimes they have. This news item has been backed up by photographs of male celebrities in newspapers and magazines looking well groomed, and some looking over groomed, to say the least.

In particular, Phillip Schofield has been appearing on television sporting a glowing tan, whilst Simon Cowell always looks perfectly preened whenever he’s seen in public. Additionally, film stars such as Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler, and Leonardo Dicaprio have  been turning up to film premieres looking so orange some may say they’ve been tangoed.

This poses the question as to whether both men and women are trying to live up to the perfect complexions of those seen in magazines, therefore trying to achieve a look that not only isn’t real, but is one achieved only through the use of digital manipulation.

L’Oreal is just one of the many brands that has just days ago suffered from an advert being scrapped, as a result of falsely advertising the way a look can be achieved. With their recent ad featuring Julia Roberts being taken down, due to the use of digital manipulation on her face, this makes us wonder how many other brands are doing this, and how many other people are becoming addicted to looks that are impossible to achieve.

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