The Meaning of Christmas

Throughout the years many people have questioned the true meaning of Christmas. What is it that sets Christmas apart from most other holidays? Why is it that all over the world, in many countries and in many languages, families and friends can get together and put aside differences to be with each other one more day? There are many reasons to celebrate Christmas, and maybe the commercialization of the holiday has created a few more reasons to celebrate. How many Christmas cards will you get this year? What will you get your brother and sister? Will you be able to get this year’s most popular toy? You have seen the lines on black Friday when the holiday season is supposed to start. Thousands of people around the country line up outside of their favorite store in order to get the deals that will get their holiday season started. But we must not lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas.

It is not the Gifts

Those big lines outside of the stores are a sign that the Christmas season has officially started. It is the moment after the referee has flipped the coin and the first people on the line get a chance to kick off the ball. The mobs storm in and get their hands on the one thing they saw in the brochure that will be perfect for the person they love and sometimes for themselves. Gifts are definitely a part of Christmas, but they are not the meaning of Christmas. I can tell you that there was a couple of Christmases when my mom and dad did not have the money to buy us gifts, and for some reason we were happy all the same. Our gifts were not objects those Christmases, they were gifts that you could not see, but you could feel.

It is not the meal

We stuff our faces during Christmas, and it is a meal that will rival the one we have in Thanksgiving. Not necessarily a turkey, but the food is there. Everyone gets some of the food that a lot of the guests have prepared, or in the case of the lazy cousin bought just before the supermarket closed on the way to your home. The variety of the food is big, you can see almost every step in the food pyramid on the table. Cookies, Roast beef, Potatoes, wine or eggnog all make a fine meal, but there is Christmas even without them. A Christmas meal is a great part of the holiday, but it is not the holiday itself. However the meal does have something that helps create the meaning of Christmas.

The true meaning of Christmas

The meal helps get everyone together in one place at the same time. Any other day, the prospect of everyone storming into your house may seem like a nightmare, but not in Christmas. The reason the gifts are a good idea during Christmas is not the fact that you are getting or giving a material object. It is the smile on the other person. You should not be aiming to impress anyone with the stuff you got them. The gift is not what you gave, it is the happiness that they gave you when you made them smile. It is almost a selfish feeling because their happiness is what makes you happy. That’s why gifts were not necessary for our family those two Christmases. We had our gifts, but they were gifts that were not under the tree or gifts that we could wrap. We were each other’s gifts. We were happy that we could make each other happy. Christmas can be celebrated every day. Your family and friends are your gifts, don’t forget that.

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