The Manhattan Diet that lets you eat what you want!

sdfAs diets go, I rather like this one. Originating from New York, the Manhattan Diet allows you to eat what you want, advises you not to go hungry and avoid any foods with diet in their name. The creator of the Manhattan Diet, Eileen Daspin, has devised the diet which is based on the eating habits of the city’s most healthy and slimmest women. Daspin says that people who live in Manhattan aren’t afraid of food, quite the opposite, they love it. The city is crammed full of classy restaurants and bistros, gourmet markets fill the urban spaces and chefs love to cook in this vibrant atmosphere. So what are the secrets of a Manhattan Dieter?

Daspin began the research for her dieting book by talking to every thin, fit and chic woman in the city and asking them their skinny secrets. Along with the case studies, the book includes expert advice from fitness and nutrition experts, a 28-day eating plan, and recipes from famous Manhattan chefs including Mario Batali. In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, Daspin commented: “Like the French, the women I interviewed would rather have one really fantastic dress rather than ten knock-offs. The same goes for food. They’d rather have one perfect Ladurée macaroon than three sub par ones. The emphasis is on quality, not quantity. The advantage New Yorkers have is that their fitness and health is a choice. It’s something they want, not something that comes as second nature, as it does in France.”

Eileen Daspin

Eileen Daspin

The basic rules behind the Manhattan Diet is therefore to eat good quality ingredients, snack frequently, always leave a little on your plate, don’t go hungry or deprive yourself of foods that you love, just eat smaller portions of them so you are not missing out of the flavours, and indulge your sweet tooth. Daspin says that exercise is also an important part of Manhattan women keeping slim, and says that even if you are the busiest person on the planet, there are still ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. For example, she says: “I walk to work, that’s about two miles a day (I take the subway home). I also always take the stairs in my apartment (I live on the fourth floor) and whenever possible, as long as it’s not more than five floors. I always walk to the grocery and carry food home — two ten-pound bags half a mile is a pretty good toner for my arms. On Saturdays, I walk to yoga, about 1.5 miles, do a class, come home and clean my apartment.”

And as bad habits such as smoking and overeating can be passed from family members and friends, so can good habits like eating well and looking fabulous. Daspin believes that there is nothing better than a little peer pressure to motivate someone into wanting to look their best: “Peer pressure is a huge factor in dieting and fitness. There is a famous study done by Harvard researchers that shows how bad habits like smoking and overeating are passed like a virus from one friend to another. I think the converse is also true, that if all your friends are fit, look fantastic, dress well and keep up on trends, you want to as well. In New York, we walk everywhere, and when you’re out walking you see people in amazing clothes with all the right accessories. I’m from Orlando. In the neighborhood where I grew up, the only people on the street are kids on bikes. You aren’t showing off for anyone. I think it makes a huge difference.”

This is one ‘diet’ I might just have to go on!

The Manhattan Diet is available from Amazon for $24.95

Source: Harpers Bazaar

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