The Mad Men Effect – Liposuction for your Back

Followers of the highly successful American programme Mad Men, will be aware of the stunning hourglass figures the female cast members seem to achieve. The show is set in the sixties when womens figures were much different than today, with smaller waists and larger hips.

And with the phenomenal success of the programmes both here and in the States, it appears that women are now trying to emulate the hour glass figure by drastic means.

Even though in the sixties women achieved this figure by the use of corsetry and tighter fitting dresses, their figures were very different to todays woman. Research shows that these days we are much thicker around the waist and our way of life may also contribute to more fat distribution as we lead a more sedentary lifestyle. But even ladies with an athletic figure may find that there are areas of fat which are deposited on the flanks of their waists and backs which prove difficult to remove with exercise alone.

These types of fat deposits are called ‘infra-scapular fat’ and there may only be one solution which is to have liposuction. In fact The Harley Medical Group, one of the largest cosmetic surgery providers in the UK, have reported a 54% increase in the number of women having this procedure specifically to remove back fat deposits.

Liposuction involves the insertion of a 3mm tube into the fatty tissue in which a water and anaesthetic solution is released into the area. This liquefies the fat which can then be removed through the same tube. The good thing is the operation tends to take about an hour or more and once the fat is removed it will not return to that area.

This procedure can only be carried out on people who lead relatively healthy lifestyles and have good skin elasticity as the skin has to be able to shrink back into place once the fat has been removed. Liposuction is the best solution for individual pockets of fat that have formed over time which is exactly how the infra-scapular fat is deposited.

The operation can cost up to £5,000 but the recovery rate is good and bruising and swelling go down within a month to six weeks. You have to wear a compression garment to make sure the swelling is kept in place and so that infections are down to a minimum but women who have had the procedure says that it is worth it as they typically lose a dress size.

One point to remember however is that infra-scapular back fat is fibrous. Fatty tissue contains fat cells and fibrous connective tissue that hold the fat cells in place. The fat on the infra-scapular back seems to contain a higher proportion fibrous tissue than the fat in other areas of the body.

The highly fibrous nature of fat in this area makes liposuction a challenge as this densely fibrous tissue is nearly impossible to penetrate with large cannulas. By using micro-cannulas  this area can be successfully treated. For more information on liposuction and cosmetic surgery go to www.liposuction.com or google infra-scapular fat.

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