The Lytro camera – A review

lytro camera - $399 (8GB)/ $499 (16GB)

lytro camera – $399 (8GB)/ $499 (16GB)

You’ll never think about pictures the same way. That’s what the makers of the Lytro camera state, and judging by the images on their website that allow you to click and refocus the image, I’d say they were right. The Lytro camera is the first camera that allows you to endlessly refocus your picture, after you have taken it, and this is because it captures all of the entire light field.

lytro camera

The Lytro will instantly focus your image for you, but as it catches all the rays of light traveling in every direction through the scene, creating a 3D instead of a flat 2D image, it means you can do much more with this image. Like refocus the image after you’ve taken it, as many times as you like, by simply tapping on whichever part of the picture you want to bring into focus — or, once a picture is imported into your computer, click to refocus.

 Lytro camera

Or you can appear to be constantly refocusing the image after you’ve taken it, to make ‘living pictures’ that have an almost lifelike quality.

And best of all, the free Lytro Desktop lets you import these pictures to your computer, where you can easily share them to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, Once your friends have them they can also play around with the refocus and shift perspective on the pictures.

 Lytro camera

The Lytro camera measures 4.5” long and slightly over 1.5” square and is fashioned rather like a telescope. It is made from tough but lightweight aluminum and easy grip silicon, and you control most of the camera functions with a button on the top of the camera, or a slider.

lytro camera

There are two ways to create living pictures with the Lytro camera, in Everyday Mode you just press the shutter button and you’ll instantly capture whatever picture you were aiming for. In Creative Mode, you can control the blur in the picture with just a tap. So pictures, where you have a great distance between objects, or even a very small one, can look incredible, by using the simple refocus feature. There is also the option of creating high zoom shots and composing dramatic portraits.

 Lytro camera

You can also enhance your pictures with Living Filters feature. This enables you to play around with your images by using nine interactive filters. The Living Filters include Film Noir, Carnival, Pop, 8 Track, Blur+, Line Art, Glass and Crayon.

The camera retails at $399 for the 8GB version, and $499 for the 16GB version, and is available so far at Lytro.com for US buyers, and those living in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. There are plans to distribute the Lytro camera to other countries in the near future.

In the meantime, we have found international sellers on ebay and amazon who have had the Lytro camera for sale, and who have offered international shipping.

For more information, visit Lytro.