The Latest Trends in Baby Cribs

A toddler in his baby cribThe arrival of a new baby is very exciting for the parents-to-be. The next step to be very excited about is the creation of the nursery. As with anything else in modern society, there are many trendy products designed for the new baby’s room. One of these trendy products is the baby crib! Who would have thought that the baby bed would become a trendy item? Well, the following list has been compiled to share some of the latest trends in baby cribs.

1. Convertible Cribs

These baby cribs are great for minimizing the “stuff” that parents will need for a baby. These cribs will convert into a toddler bed when the child is ready to be out of the crib and the crib will convert yet again into a full size headboard for when the child is ready for an “adult” bed. This is a great example of minimalist furniture which is very trendy now. The less “stuff” that is necessary to buy, the better off the parents will be. The convertible baby crib reduces the need to store unneeded furniture and it saves money in the long-term by preventing the parents from having to buy multiple pieces of sleeping furniture for their child.

Convertible Cribs

2. 3-in-1 Cribs

These 3-in-1 baby cribs can be another name for convertible cribs but they also define another category of trendy cribs. Many baby cribs are coming with several features in one piece of furniture. The crib includes the bed, a changing table attached to the crib, and a drawer underneath the bed for added storage in the baby’s room. These cribs are highly popular because it saves the parents from having to purchase multiple pieces of furniture for the baby’s room.

3. Round Cribs

This type of baby crib has become increasingly trendy because it can give the nursery a very different yet modern and trendy look. Round cribs appear more elegant and can even be used as a sort of centerpiece for the room rather than having to push it up against a wall. Anything different can be trendy and this piece of baby furniture is certainly no exception! Following trends have become increasingly important in today’s society and baby furniture certainly is not excluded from the trend factor. These three ideas should give parents a great start in deciding which trends to follow for their new baby’s room. By following the latest trends parents can be confident that they have the hippest gear around!

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