The Latest Food Debate – Organic versus Local Food

It seems that there will always be arguments about food, no matter how healthy it appears. The latest debate does not pit healthy against unhealthy food or environmentally friendly versus eco-disaster, however, it seems to pit two opposing sections of the eco-friendly segment against one another.

Each side appears to have compelling arguments so it is difficult to decide who is correct. In one corner we have the proponents of the organic food – who believe that organic food should be sourced at all costs.

In the other corner, we have the proponents of locally produced food – believing that the reduction of the carbon footprint should be paramount. Read each argument and decide for yourself.

Organic all the Way

Proponents of this system want food to be grown without the use of any unnatural and harmful chemicals. They believe that, not only is the food nutritionally better for you, but that it also tastes better. The opposition worries that organic foods are sourced anywhere in the world and so may leave a large carbon footprint. It is true that the production of organic food is kinder to the environment and also a healthier way of life for those that eat organically. It also appears that, going forward, it is going to be the more sustainable way to grow food.

Local all the Way

On the opposite side of the debate, are the people who are desperate to reduce their carbon footprint. In order to do this, they buy locally produced food, whether it has been grown organically or not. There are several benefits to the community that may outweigh any non-organic produce. First off, by sourcing food locally, you are ensuring that it is not flown in from anywhere and is not subjected to a long refrigeration process and lots of packaging.

All three are bad for the environment. You may be able to find food that is fresher than otherwise possible. You are also supporting farmers in your local community and thus contributing to the economy. On the downside, the food may not be organically produced.

It is difficult to decide which side is right. Try to buy food that has been organically produced locally for the best of both worlds.

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