The Latest Fall and Winter Must-Haves

Fashion trends tend to change with the season, just as the weather does. You may have noticed several new styles making their mark- from the runway, to the grocery store, to your very college dorm. We have all admired a friend or coworker’s chic taste. “Would those thigh-high boots look good on me? Where did she get that flattering blouse?”

Well, check out a few pieces from Forever21 (forever21.com) below…you just might find the inspiration and confidence that you crave.


Blazers are the new ‘It’ in today’s fashion world. From boyfriend-style to rouched-sleeves, blazers are definitely making their mark among both men and women. Ubiquitous items like these are a must in your closet. Wear one over your favorite graphic tee or blouse for automatic compliments (from $19.80).


Cardigans are perfect for that breezy but warm night out, or whenever you want to keep a bit warm without necessarily needing to throw on that heavy bubble coat. I’m sure that you already have one or two of these hanging in your wardrobe, so why not break it out and make a statement? If you’d like to look slimmer, get yourself a few dark-colored cardigans. If you want to hide your hips, go for a longer model and last but not least, if you want to look taller stay away from horizontal stripes, as they’d make anyone look “wider” than they actually are. Layer your cardigan with a ribbed tee and jeggings and you’re ready to go! (Starting at $5.80)

Body Con Skirts

Who ever said skirts are only for the summer? Well, that is not the case this season. Show-off the perfect combination of sexy and feminine, with a side of leg while rocking one of these babies! Live in a cooler climate? Pair a body con skirt with opaque or printed tights for a night out with the girls ($6.50 and up). Oh and if you want to keep your feet warm, here’s a little secret for you: get yourself a few pairs of ankle boots. Not only are they beautiful and comfortable, many of them are lined with faux fur or other soft and warm materials that will keep your feet warm all day and night.


Opaque and design-printed tights provide edgy style, as well as comfort and warmth for the autumn season. Pair tights with a cute body con skirt and booties for an exceptional style your friends are sure to envy ($4.50+).


Whether in college or just wanting to make a fierce fashion statement, booties will help you step out in style! From simple black to electric blue, three-to-five inches- booties range in both color and height. Slide into a sleek pair of jeans or that bombshell skirt and you will have the guys crawling at your feet in no time ($26.80-$33).

Shopping List? Check! See something that you must have? Which look do you have in your closet? Feel free to trade pieces with a friend to achieve the look you desire.

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