Polka dot dress worn by Kate sold out.

She has been dubbed the ‘Darling of the High Street’, and has single-handedly revitalised the clothing industry with what she wears, and today, the Kate Effect was in full force as the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in a Topshop polka dot dress, which then immediately sold out.

The £38 polka dot dress is from Topshop’s Tall range, and surprisingly is not a maternity garment, but it fitted the Duchess beautifully, and within an hour, the website had a notice up saying ‘Sorry, this item is out of stock’.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton: Rex Features

The pregnant Duchess was spotted wearing the polka dot dress on a tour of the Harry Potter set at Warner Bros film studios along with Princes William and Harry.

Kate has often worn clothes from the High Street, and Topshop is one of her favorite retailers. She was actually spotted shopping in the London branch of Topshop last month, but we obviously did not see what clothes she had purchased on that occasion. She was rumoured to have bought a short floral print dress called ‘Deirdre’ but we have not seen her wearing that in public as yet.

Once the word was out of the make of the dress, it quickly sold out online, although it had been available in several sizes that morning. The Duchess teamed the black and white dress with a black Ralph Lauren jacket and black court shoes.

Topshop polka dot dress

Topshop polka dot dress

The dress, although it has now proved to be very popular, thanks to the endorsement from the Duchess, has only got 3 stars out of a possible five. Reviews of the dress state that the material the dress is made of quickly becomes ‘bobbly’, the polka dots have run in the wash, the cut is way too small, with the arms and chest being particularly tight fitting, and the polyester material is not very good quality.

Didn’t seem to put our Kate off however, and the hundreds who rushed out to copy her!

Kate and the Prince spent several hours walking around the Harry Potter set, where they also bumped into JK Rowling, creator of Harry Potter.

The princes indulged their boyish natures as they looked over the Batman set and Prince William even had a go on the Batmobile motorbike.

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