The Jose Mourinho Guide to Male Styling


He gave himself the nickname ‘The Special One’, so he is definitely not lacking in confidence, and part of this self-assurance comes from his immaculate dress style.

Chelsea football manager Jose Mourinho has won practically every trophy available, but his appeal is not limited to the football pitch. Both men and women adore his sophisticated European style, which oozes from him effortlessly.

The 52 year-old Portuguese manager is renowned for his faultless dress-sense, whether it is his casual ability to look elegant in a two-piece suit on the pitch, or away from the touchline.

His grey Armani overcoat is now a staple in his wardrobe, and become somewhat iconic in itself. So how does the world’s most stylish football manager go about choosing what he wears?

Well, he is so well renowned for his individual style that he is now the brand ambassador for Porsche Design Sport by Adidas.

“I consider my personal style to be very classy, understated, sophisticated, and luxurious. I like to dress well and pay attention to detail. Porsche Design Sport fits my day-to-day style to perfection and offers products that serve me extremely well – at work, at home and at play.”


And there are some rules that he always adheres to.

Jose Mourinho’s Guide to Stylish Dressing

  • Choose darker colours from the monochrome palette.
  • Keep to a few good quality items that you will wear, rather than many cheap pieces.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix up formal clothes with a few more casual pieces.

The Special One revealed that he would never wear brightly coloured clothes, he always prefers to stick to his tried and tested greys and blacks:

“Personally, I just like to wear dark colours. I’m not a person who has orange and yellow jumpers.”

He apparently has always had an eye for fashion, even when he was younger:

“I prefer black, grey and dark blue and have since I was 18 or 19, when I started dressing more discreet.”

And he has a few comments to make about other football managers, and how their fashion style has evolved:

“In Europe, during the 70s, everyone was wearing suits in the dugout. Then, during the 80s, the fashion moved on to tracksuits, some of them with the trainer’s initials on them. In the 90s we saw a mixture of those styles.”


The stylish one isn’t afraid of standing out form the crowd when it comes to making his own personal fashion statement:

“For me, a while back, I felt that everyone was in a suit and tie, and it was time for me to make a difference,” he says. “The way to do that, as it was my work clothes, was to dress very comfortably but keep elements of style.”

And even though he could probably afford to spend several thousands on clothes a week, he prefers quality over quantity:

“There aren’t really any garments in my wardrobe that I don’t wear,” he says. “I don’t buy a lot of clothes, but when I do, I know what I want.”

What he does buy has to be durable and last, as Mourinho points out his trousers:

“See these Porsche trousers, they look like normal black trousers but they are made out of a high-tech and innovative material so I can wear them here and at a practice.”

Source: The Guardian

Images: Porsche Design Sport by Adidas

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