The Inner Space Trilogy Books by Merlin Fraser

How well do you know your best friend? How would you react if he was suddenly arrested for murder? That’s the premise behind the first of Merlin Fraser’s Inner Space Detective Murder Mystery books. Touted as a ‘New Style of Paranormal Mystery Novel’, Fraser’s novels explore ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, parapsychology and police procedure and a new Illuminati. Check out the blurb of all Fraser’s novels to see why he is climbing the best seller list on www.amazon.co.uk

Inner Space – Book One

At 45 years of age with a broken childless marriage behind him, Detective Inspector Nick Burton is just coasting through life. That is until the day his boss, Chief Superintendent Dan Davies, is arrested and charged with murder. In denial Nick’s attempts to get at the truth are further hampered when Dan dies while in custody.

Question is did he commit suicide to avoid prosecution? Or was he murdered to prevent a scandal? The deeper Nick delves into Dan’s life the more he realises how little he really knew about the man. Someone sends Nick a ten year old video of a college professor giving a lecture the content of which although interesting seems to have no bearing on this, or any other case whatsoever. However, when the same professor turns up at Dan’s funeral Nick has to think again.

The professor, now in a wheelchair is accompanied by two assistants who act more like minders, one of them a beautiful woman whose startling green eyes draw Nick deep into her web. Somewhere in the background someone is leaving a trail of bread-crumbs for Nick to follow and he starts to resent the feeling of manipulation. Why don’t they just come forward and tell him what they know? If it was bad news about Dan would he believe them? He has to find out the truth for himself. As he puts the pieces together Nick is drawn into the mysterious world of parapsychology and psychic phenomena to a conclusion that belies everything he thought he understood. But beneath the academic calm of Cambridge University there lurks a dangerous undertow that everyone seems to have missed.

Inner Space – Book Two: The Reluctant Nemesis

Merlin Fraser explores a paranormal world mixed with police corruption. Imagine how you would feel waking up in a strange bed in a strange place and finding blood on your hands. Even worse, you have no idea of where you are, how you got there, or why! Deborah Patterson doesn’t have to imagine such a nightmare… she’s living it.

Something or somebody is taking over her mind and her body. With dreams so frightening she has to stay awake to avoid them. Follow another case for newly promoted Detective Chief Inspector Nick Burton.  Called back from leave to cover staff shortages due to a flu epidemic Nick soon discovers that there is no such thing as a routine murder. As the bodies pile up he struggles to find a decent motive; could it be, as some suggest, just family rivalry…Or perhaps a hostile business takeover by the Russian Mafia.

Or is it something completely different? His investigations lead him into inter departmental conflict and he crosses swords with Special Branch and falls foul of his own superior officers. The fact that he suspects corruption at the highest level of the police force doesn’t endear him to anyone. Trouble mounts with every new step in his investigation leaving him with his finger pointing at the most unlikely suspect ever, much to the annoyance of the woman he loves and may lose if he is not extremely careful.

Inner Space Book Three: The All Seeing Eye

Information is Power: For thousands of years men have created secret societies, brotherhoods and used religion in their never ending quest for the most addictive of drugs power. The main tool of control had always has been…fear!  That was until he invented money! Today there are many who ask; Who really wields the power behind the world throne? Rumours and conspiracy theories have haunted the secret world of Freemasonry for decades.

This has prompted questions as to the existence of an Inner Circle, a group so powerful that they have an unnatural influence over Governments and World affairs. Could it be that there is a New Illuminati?  Or has the old order just resurfaced as the invisible prophets of Capitalism. An elite group so powerful they control the financial resources of the world and would seek to recruit their disciples from within the organised and highly disciplined ranks of Freemasonry itself? To Detective Chief Inspector Nick Burton such things as wild conspiracy theories belong in the world of goulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night. Or at least they used to, unfortunately some of his more recent investigations have led him to challenge everything he thought he knew.

Doctor Jill Tindell, his fiancée, and her boss professor Harman-Jones of Cambridge University have been studying and experimenting with the powers of the human mind; Parapsychological phenomenon such as telekinesis, and projection of the mind beyond the confines of the body. At first Nick was enthralled but his jaundiced policeman’s eye quickly saw a frightening downside to their experiments. His biggest fear was that if he could see it then so could others… people who would not hesitate to use such power to their advantage. The problem is has his dire warnings come too late and is his worst nightmare about to become reality? And if so….what the Hell can he do about it?

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