The Inbetweeners Movie Breaks UK Box Office Records

I saw a trailer over the weekend for the Inbetweeners film and although I have never seen the TV programme, it had me laughing out loud. Not many British films have the ability to do that to me anymore as I am more a fan of precisely written American humour. I went to watch Rise of the Planet of The Apes and happened to see The Inbetweeners trailer and now I will definitely go to watch the film. So I am wondering if this is how they have managed to smash the UK box office records or if they really do have millions of fans who watch the TV series? Anyway, I digress. What you want to know is what the story is about.

Jay, Will, Neil and Simon have finished their exams and left school. When Carli dumps Simon they can now all go on holiday and head off to hedonist’s paradise Malia in Crete on a parent-free lads’ holiday that promises sun, sea, sand and some serious partying. Their accommodation is nothing like the pictures in the brochure but things look up when the boys meet four girls in an empty bar during their first night out. Neil pulls two older women and Simon later sees Carli on the streets and decides to try to get back with her but she is dating a club rep. Jay and Simon later have a big argument, causing Jay to destroy the boat party tickets he had bought in an effort to meet up with Carli. To raise money for a ticket Simon sells his belongings.

Will meets a girl called Alison who he likes but she has already has a Greek boyfriend and Will is very suspicious of him. He has reason to be as he accidentally stumbles on Alison’s boyfriend who is having sex with another woman on the beach and Alison breaks up with him, leaving her single for Will’s attentions. The group manage to get tickets for the boat party and during it Carli kisses Simon to attract attention from her boyfriend who is blanking her. Simon realise this and jumps off the boat to swim to his love interest, Lucy, who had selflessly given him her ticket. Problem is Simon can’t swim very well and has to be rescued and airlifted to shore. Amazingly all the boys get a girlfriend, have a great time and fly back home happy, ready to begin the next chapter of their lives.

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