The importance of exercise

The benefits to be reaped from regular exercise are enormous. Whether a quick, 20 minute walk each day, or a jog round the local lake each morning, any amount of exercise will benefit you in one way or the other.

In today’s society, every excuse under the sun is given for reasons to not exercise. From not having enough time, to having no energy, people always have an excuse for why they don’t get their 20 minutes exercise per day.

The benefits of regular exercise are:
• Decreased risk of having a heart attack- being active enables your heart to be healthier, meaning your chances of having a heart attack decrease.
• Better mental health- exercising makes you not only feel better about yourself, but it will also give you bags of energy. Feeling energised enables you to deal with the stress and anxiety of life better than you’d otherwise have been able to.
• Better all-round health- being fit and healthy makes you more likely to be able to live an independent life as you get older, without the need for others to look after you, or for you to become reliant upon them.
• Help in losing weight- being active makes you much more likely to lose weight, and with regular exercise you’ll soon see the pounds dropping off.

Some of the best ways to exercise include:
• Walking fast
• Water aerobics
• Riding a bike, on both flat and hilly terrain
• Playing tennis
• Mowing the lawn
• Running

It seems that people are less active now than they were, say 50 years ago, as a result of the development of technology over the past few decades. Rather than getting home from work and going out for a stroll, people are now sitting down in front of the TV, playing on their games console, or working on their laptop, instead.

Although these activities keep the brain and mind active, they are not providing people with the physical exercise needed each day. With researching suggesting that adults in the UK spend around seven hours a day sitting down, whilst at work at home, it seems there are many people failing to understand the importance of exercise. Furthermore, pensioners in the UK have been found to spend over ten hours a day sitting down, making them the least active age group, when they are probably the ones who could do with the most exercise.

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