The importance of Environmental Education

We are taught various subjects in school. History, geography, science and literature are few of them which are stressed upon. There is another subject, which if may so, is emerging as a rather important one in the present scenario. The subject that I am referring to here is Environmental Education. This subject has been made compulsory for each student up to the under graduate level as well. There are many reasons behind doing so, which we shall deal with subsequently. A lot of research work and theories are coming up regarding many aspects of the Environment, which are essentially a part of the syllabus of environmental education. It is taught in almost every school and college today to make the kids aware of their own environment and the danger that it is facing due to manmade resources which is systematically harming it.

What is environmental education?

The study which involves the various things in our surroundings is environmental education. By surroundings I do not refer to politics or literature. The sole stress is one the things bestowed to us by Mother Nature and the man-made resources which are destroying it. This has been going on for many ages and today the world faces a huge problem of global warming. Environmental education informs us in great detail about that. It teaches us about the life of other creatures and how they manage to survive. Environmental Education gives us an idea about the balance in the eco system which is being disturbed due to human interference. It concentrates more on Zoology and Botany rather than the human anatomy. Environmental Education teaches us about everything that is not about the species Homo sapiens i.e. man, but everything that influences a man’s life on this Earth.

Why should we do Environmental Studies?

Today, we are faced with a major threat called Global Warming. The climate of various places on the Earth is going through a major change. The heat level is rising with every passing day. One of the major factors that contributed for this impending disaster is Pollution, which is essential man-made. All the smoke from the factories and cars are raising the pollution level. The wastes from factories which are being dumped in the rivers are slowly depleting the life of our friends who thrive in water. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal faces a major threat today because of pollution. Environmental Education is being pushed so that people become aware of this harm they are causing to Mother Earth. This is a desperate call for awareness and save our abode. The various resources on the earth is also being depleted which needs to be checked as well. Something so precious as water and food should never be wasted. Environmental Education is basically an awareness program in which participation is compulsory for everyone for their own sake.

Environmental Education is important for understanding the basis of our existence and those around us. Hence, this stress on the subject.

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