The importance of a teacher for proper education

The role of a teacher in a student’s life is invaluable. A teacher helps a student to grow up, to formulate their own views and sees the world around through the teacher’s eyes. A single nod of appreciation from a teacher can place a student in cloud nine, whereas a rebuke can force a student to take drastic measures. In the present scenario, some teachers occupy a very delicate position in a student’s life. Teachers, much like parents have the power to make or break a student’s life. A teacher is a harbinger of knowledge. They definitely do have a hold over the student’s life. Likewise students also sometimes look up to their teachers as their role models. A point of time comes in every student’s life when the teacher has more influence on him or her rather than their own parents. Thus it is essential for a teacher to be soundly educated and of good character before he or she embarks on a project of educating students.

The relationship between the two

The bond between a teacher and the student is very important. This has happened many times that if one does not like the Mathematics teacher the student grows an apathy for the subject. If the history teacher appeals to the student, he or she will immediately take to history. If the teacher and the student share a friendly bond the student will most likely with the due course of time open up to the teacher. It has happened more than once when teacher and student have remained friends for the whole of their life. The greatest example of the role of a teacher in a student’s life is obtained from Helen Keller’s autobiography. Miss. Sullivan (the teacher appointed by the Kellers for their deaf and blind daughter), changed Helen’s life. Helen went from being ignorant and dependent to be a well educated woman and self sufficient. In fact the teacher and the student had stayed with each other for the rest of their lives. Thus we can say that the relationship between the teacher and a student should be very strong.

The other aspects of education imparted by a teacher

When we say that teachers impart education to the students we do not necessarily mean texts from the syllabus or explanation of scientific formulae. Teachers guide students not only through the text books but through life as well. Teachers should know the art of teaching and not the text books by heart. Students look up to the teachers for guidance. A teacher corrects a student, tells him or her what is right or wrong. A teacher gives the student encouragement; they initiate them to perform better in their activities. Moral guidance is something which teachers often impart to students. A teacher should be kind and understanding yet not too liberal. Firmness and kindness are the two qualities which are equally balanced in a teacher.

School is a student’s second home and a teacher is no less than a guardian.

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