The Ideal Birthday Present for Your Techno-Geek

It’s true that most technology nuts are happy to receive conventional presents such as bottles of wine or tickets to the theatre. However, if you want to make them truly happy, there are a few things you can splash out on. Read on to find out what they are.

Game is a shop that centres on computer and console gaming. Accessories, toys, games and consoles are available to purchase from this shop, and if you purchase a gift certificate it will also be redeemable online both for new and pre-used games. If your techno-geek is heavily into gaming then this cannot go wrong. You can choose from a variety of card designs and charge the gift card with as much money as you want, allowing him or her to buy whatever they want.

An eReader is another present that simply can’t go wrong. Whether you choose the Kindle or a more generic model, eReaders allow their owners to carry thousands of books in the form of a lightweight, plastic-encased gadget. If you choose a Kindle, you can even include an Amazon gift card to allow them to load up on a few eBooks, or for an extra £25 (for the WiFi version) or £30 (for the 3G version) you can include 3 years’ worth of accident cover. This also opens up the way for future presents; Kindle covers, gift cards for eBooks, reading lights… It never ends.

Another amazing shop gift cards are always good for is Thinkgeek. While it is an American website they offer worldwide shipping, and plenty of technological gadgets and gizmos are available for the discerning technology nut. In addition to these things it also sells funny t-shirts and foodstuffs, and many people would love a gift card to their website.

Finally, tickets to a convention in honour of something they enjoy, such as Defcon in Las Vegas will certainly be welcomed with open arms. This is only truly an option if you can also afford to spring for airfare, but may be the perfect gift for any computer enthusiast. Perhaps best saved for big birthdays such as the 30th or the 21st, it nevertheless offers an opportunity to be supremely generous.

It can be baffling and confusing to find the perfect present for someone who is obsessed with technology, gadgets and computers. But if you consider these options carefully you can find the ideal present for your techno-loved-one!

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