The Hoodie that will last 10 Years guaranteed

Have you seen those adverts for Asda where they boast about a 100 Day guarantee for certain clothes. 100 days? Since when did clothes only last for a less than a third of a year? Well Jake Bronstein, based in Brooklyn, NY, and founder of men’s underwear brand Flint & Tinder, happens to think that clothes should last a whole lot longer than 100 days, 10 years in fact, and he is so confident about his particular hoodie that he has guaranteed it for 10 years, or he will offer free mending.


The 10-Year Hoodie is designed to be a unisex premium quality sweatshirt, made from good quality materials, and built for life, but with a guarantee of at least 10 years. Bronstein thinks that clothes have gotten disposable recently, and this has lowered expectations, but his hoodie is designed to get better with age, to become softer and more unique over time.


Everything about the hoodie is all American, the cotton, the yarn, the tags, the fabric and even the labels are produced in the USA. To create his high quality hoodie, Bronstein first looked for a suitable but rare 100% cotton that would withstand all-weathers, and had a tight enough weave to last a lifetime. He wanted one where the yarns were spun in such a way that they would actually get softer over time. In the end his team chose a fleece made of three separate yarns which are spun together to create a stronger quality material.


The style is a raglan style sleeve for extra comfort and a full range of motion, but won’t add any bagginess.  The hood and pockets are fully lined and all the stress seams have been reinforced with a mock safety stitch for extreme durability. There is an extra heavyweight ribbing on the cuffs to help retain the shape.

Now you might think, as with all companies,that there must be a catch, and often there is, but not so with Flint & Tinder. Every part of the hoodie is guaranteed, even the most expensive item of the hoodie, which is the zip, and the one part that the manufacturers advised not to cover under the 10 year mending guarantee. But Bronstein didn’t like the sound of offering a guarantee and then having exclusions, and good for him we say, as that’s just the sort of thing that puts off the customer.


So how does this guarantee actually work? Well, its simple, if your hoodie rips, tears, or otherwise comes apart at the seams, you can send it back to the company. You have to pay the postage to send it to them but the return shipping is on them. Just let them know that it is on its way before you send it. If you are shipping internationally then you’ll have to pay both parts of the shipping. Flint & Tinder say that the only thing they can’t fix for you are stains and lost strings.

The presale price of the hoodies start at between $89.00 – $99.00 but when the hoodie goes to retail the RRP will be $125. The product is currently on backorder with an estimated shipping date of November 1.


We think they are worth waiting for, and we like the premise behind the design. Although cheap clothing has a place within the High Street, it is about time we start buying quality items that last and have some value, and that manufacturers put more effort into sourcing good materials and paying workers a proper price for their labors.

As Flint & Tinder say: “It’s not that it’s so cheap we can replace it, it’s that it’s so well made, we’ll make it whole before returning it to you!”

Visit KickStarter to see how the whole project was funded, or the website Flint & Tinder to buy.

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