The History And Origin Of Halloween

Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is a holiday observed annually on the 31st of October of every year. The holiday involves varieties of events like the uniform parties, trick-or-treating, divinations, fireworks exhibits, bonfires, etc.

Unlike some holidays celebrated around the world, Halloween is not one of them and the reason is because it is strange to some cultures and religion. So the believe that it is celebrated around the world is  not true; however, due to events and circumstances surrounding it, it can or should be celebrated around the world, so it is all about being free minded enough to do so.

There is so much controversies surrounding the events especially in religious perspective, these issues will be tackled in this articles about the history and origin of Halloween.

History of Halloween:

The unearthing of the origin of Halloween was attempted by a Historian called Nicholas Rogers, when he explored the starting point of Halloween; he noted the variations in the Origins. First there is a claim that the holidays originates from Pomona, which is the Roman feast. Ponoma is portrayed as the Goddess of seeds and fruits.

Another possible origin of the holiday points back to Parentalia, meaning the carnival of the dead, but in general, it is said to be connected to the Samhain Celtic event. Historically, the name of the festivals was preserved in the British Islesby the Celts and the Gaels. It was derived right from the ancient Irish language that indicates end of summer or precisely “summer’s end.”

Form the above history and origin it is clear that the name Halloween is generally believed to have originated from the British Islesand by English translation it means end of summer. But do you know that the word Halloween was confirmed in the sixteen century and that it is a Scottish variant for evening (all hallows even?); a name use to indicate the all hallows days. While, the All hallows phrase was said to be found in old English, it was later attested in 1556 as All-hallows-even.

Halloween Symbols:

As already mentioned, Halloween is a holiday celebrated yearly, but unlike your regular festivities, the holidays comes with a peculiar symbols that is used as a theme of the celebration. In the next section of the articles, few of the symbols will be discussed and first on the line is the Jack-o-Lanterns.

The Jack O Lanterns Halloween symbols: This is a special Halloween symbols that was formed as times progresses. It involves the use of artifacts like carvings of the Jack-o-lanterns. This is a special artifact that is adopted in some Halloween celebrations. The origin of the Jack-o-Lanterns comes from the souling tradition of etching turnips and converting it into lanterns. The meaning of the whole fiasco surrounding the lantern carving is a kind of remembrance to souls believed to be held in purgatory.

Trick-o-tricking: This is a type of Halloween celebrated by going from door to door to collect candies. This is a typical celebration for children during Halloweens, In fact it can be said to be Children’s variation of Halloween celebrations. Children wears costume and go about houses asking for treats such as candies and rarely money. Tricks-or-treating dates back to the middle ages, it closely resembles the middle ages practice of the poor going from one door to the other begging during November first (Hallowmas) collecting food in return for prayers.

The Halloween means different things to people in different cultures. The history of Halloween is a broad one. However, the basic story about Halloween is presented in this article.

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