The Gtech AirRam: The Future of Vacuuming?

I’ve always found that people tend to have a favourite type and make of vacuum cleaner, whether it be a standard upright or cylinder, and a traditional Hoover or a more modern style Dyson. Depending on what your cleaning requirements are will be a major factor in how you choose your carpet cleaner, as different types suit different situations. But a new vacuum cleaner is set to revolutionise the cleaning world, as it features an innovative design that makes everything you hate about vacuuming disappear.


First of all, the cord that is never long enough is gone, secondly, the weight of the cleaner has been halved and finally, that dust cloud you get every time you empty the cylinder is removed. But perhaps best of all, the GTech AirRam is over 20 times more energy-efficient than some leading mains powered vacuum cleaners.

The way the GTech AirRam works is that it gets its power from a professional-grade Li-ion battery which you can recharge at the mains. This means that it is cordless, and a single charge will last for up to 40 minutes, which more than matches the cleaning performance of a number of mains-powered vacuums, but with just 5% of the running costs.

22V Air RAM

The GTech AirRam cuts down on running costs by completely changing the way dirt and dust is transported through the cleaner. Traditional vacuums suck dirt through various tubes and spin it around cyclones. The AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner collects the same amount of dirt in compact bales just 4cm from the floor and as such saves energy by doing so. As the bin is so close to the brush bars, the cleaning is far superior to other cleaners that utilise a different method.

It also eliminates the need for bags by compacting the dirt into smaller bales which can then be just dropped into a bin, meaning there is no messy dust cloud and no need to keep buying expensive bags. And there is a powerful motor that makes sure that the brush bar and suction fan work together to lift dirt, ensuring that the AirRam works well on both hard floors and carpets.

Gtech - Airram

One problem many people complain about with their vacuums is the sheer weight of them. I have found that in the past, because I have pets, I require a quite sturdy and heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to be able to cope with the extra hairs left behind. However, transporting this cleaner up and down the stairs is quite a chore, but lighter vacuums simply do not have the oomph to cope with the extra power needed to get the carpets clean.

I have never been able to find a light weight solution to cleaning away pet hairs, and when you figure in the electrical cable that invariably tries to trip you up as well, the GTech AirRam appears to be a bit of a godsend.

The makers also state that while a standard 2400W vacuum would cost you up to £210 in electricity over 5 years, the GTech AirRam consumes only £8 in the same period – a massive saving of £202. You can check just how much electricity you are saving with the unique Data Bridge, which allows you to talk to your AirRam’s onboard computer via USB. From your PC you can calculate the electricity you have saved, check how much battery life is left, and even see how many calories you have burnt whilst you have been vacuuming.

The GTech AirRam costs £199 which includes free delivery, or buy one with an extra battery worth £69.99 for only £239.99 from lovevacuuming.co.uk

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