The gStick, a computer mouse shaped like a pen

Some things are so set in our minds that it is hard to imagine them as anything else. Take the computer mouse as a case in point, the familiar shape and the way we use it is ingrained within millions of people worldwide. But a revolutionary new device, designed by Gordon Alan Stewart in Anchorage, Alaska is set to change that. He has invented the gStick, a computer mouse shaped like a pen.

 The gStick

The gStick works exactly the same way as any mouse, but you hold it differently, just as you would a pen or pencil. But this means that you can easily sign your name, draw, paint or sketch, play games and much more. In fact, the creator of the gStick designed the new style mouse after he became fed up with trying to sign his name with a conventional mouse. Back in 2009, he decided that he wanted a device that was more accurate and ergonomic, and that he could use with software such as Adobe Photoshop and 3D CAD programs including Google SketchUp.

 The gStick

Stewart designed a prototype after sketching some preliminary ideas, and started looking for a manufacturer who would take on his project. Three years later and Stewart is finally at the testing and production run stage, but he now needs funding and has launched a campaign on the crowd-funding site KickStarter. And it is obvious that people believe his idea because he has already reached his goal of $40,000, in fact, he has reached a whopping $91,591 with 2,648 backers and 7 days left to go.

 The gStick

The gStick pen works with a ceramic ball that rolls on a mouse pad, much as with a normal computer mouse, but as you hold the gStick as a pen, you have much more control of where you move the pen, and the ergonomic design means that you easily get used to holding it.

Tech experts appear to agree, as the gStick has already got some amazing reviews:

“It’s amazing how natural and intuitive the gStick is to use, compared to a normal mouse. The gStick’s ergonomic design lets me move the cursor across the screen with a flick of the wrist!” – Kerby McGhee, Artist, Designer at 8th Design

“After nearly two decades of using a mouse…I am glad to make the switch to a new revolutionary tool. I thought I would have a hard time adjusting to the gStick. I thought it was maybe just a gimmick. No…it is as natural as using a pencil…except I can scroll and select with it!” – Andre Horton, Professional Photographer, DreFoto –

“It just makes sense. Very natural to use. Became almost second nature in minutes while playing Minecraft. It will be epic with Starcraft” – Reeve Byrne, Senior Graphic Designer at RT Designs

“The device takes full advantage of your fingers fine motor skills, skills that have been practiced since grade school as opposed to a traditional mouse that requires you to use your palm. Just pick it up and you’re an expert, I would play Minecraft exclusively with the gStick and can’t wait to try it with real-time strategy games like Starcraft…” – Gavin Brown, Head of IT, Bill’s Dist.

 The gStick in different colors

The gStick works on all Mac, Linux and Windows PC computers., basically, if your computer uses a mouse, the gStick will work on it. The production team have been finessing some of the finer details on the gStick. The actual pens will be have a more polished finish and come in various colour options, the buttons will be much smoother and the pen will some with four flat spots to prevent it rolling off a desk. It will also have a removable tip so that you can clean the ceramic ball.

If you want to get involved in this project, visit their KickStarter page where you can still pledge £1 or $25, $40 or more.

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