The five coolest festival gadgets

Glastonbury is in full swing and we’ve still got T in the Park, Latitude, V Festival, Reading and Leeds, and Creamfields to come.

While you may have your festival wardrobe sorted – after all, who needs anything else other than denim cutoffs and wellies. And, you’ve bought your tent – in a vibrant colour of course so you can spot it among the sea of canvas on the festival field. But, have you thought about those essential pieces of tech that could add a whole new dimension to your festival experience? Here’s our pick of the best festival gizmos.

Darth Vader LED Key chain.

Darth Vader torch

Okay, we know your smartphone probably comes with a torch app. But, where’s the fun in that? This mini Darth Vader on a keyring will guide you through the dark(side) – see what we did there? – to your tent, proving a real talking point on the way. It’s actually very bright for such a small torch so should make finding your way back to your sleeping bag, or to those not-to-nice festival toilets, in the night, a breeze.

World’s smallest walkie talkies

world's smallest walkie talkie

Again, we know you could just use your smartphone. But, these are a whole lot more entertaining. If you’ve got  groups of friends staying in separate tents, these walkie talkies are the perfect communication tool. Tiny yet mighty, they can penetrate walls, floors, steel and concrete – so canvas shouldn’t be a problem. And they transmit over a range of around 30 metres. Roger that. Over and out!

Fat boy keg

Fat Boy Keg

There aren’t many things that are worse in life than a warm beer.  But the Fat Boy Keg will keep your beer cool for up to 12 hours, holding a capacity of 20 pints, so it’s perfect for festivals. Just don’t let everyone in your neighbouring tents see it though, or those 20 pints certainly won’t last long.

Waterproof speakers

waterproof speakers

If you want to continue the party long after the last act of the evening has left the Pyramid Stage, then this could be the gizmo for you. Designed to fit most MP3 players, these EcoXGear Eco Terra Waterproof Floating Speakers should withstand whatever weather extremes you encounter. They are waterproof and shockproof and will even float – so even if you find yourself under a Glastonbury-esque monsoon, your music should keep on playing.

Juice pack

Mophie juice pack air

It can be difficult to keep your smartphones charged up when you’re at a festival. But the Mophie Juice Pack Air doubles your battery life – hopefully keeping your iPhone running when you’ve lost your mates in the crowd. It marries an edge-to-edge protective case, to keep your gizmo safe from knocks and drops, with a charger that increases your battery capacity to keep your phone fully charged.

Whichever festival gizmo you opt for, you need to make sure they work for you because festival going means packing light. But, with this selection of five, you may just have everything you need – a torch to find your way, a gadget to keep your beer cold, a gizmo to keep in touch with friends, a way to play your music, and a charger for your phone. The perfect festival kit!

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