Gel type cream made from coffee beans help to banish cellulite

Mention one thing about our bodies that women are unhappy about and the dreaded cellulite word comes up again and again. Cellulite affects the super skinny and the overweight, and is an absolute demon to get rid of. Not surprising then that many beauty giants within the industry have attempted to tackle this blight with innovative products.

Cinq Mondes Slimming Coffee Cream

Cinq Mondes Slimming Coffee Cream

We have recently reported on some of them, from high-tech sleeping bags that massage away the unsightly dimples, to jeans from Wranglers, imbued with a special anti cellulite ingredients, to Dr Organic Royal Jelly cream, said to be a favourite of Kate Hudson and Madonna, and even leggings worn by Lisa Riley. But is there ever going to be a solution to getting rid of cellulite that actually works?

Well, a new gel type cream manufactured by Cinq Mondes apparently thinks so, and promises that the coffee beans in the cream can help to banish cellulite by breaking down fat and draining away toxins.

Cinq Mondes Slimming Coffee Cream

Cinq Mondes Slimming Coffee Cream

At £43 a pot, the Cinq Mondes Slimming Coffee Cream is not cheap, but the makers say that as it is infused with caffeine, this all helps to drain toxins that cause the fatty tissue deposits under the skin, as well as breaking down fat cells in the skin.

Coffee is probably best known for giving a boost of energy and is used as a pick me up at the start of the day for many people. So will adding caffeine to a cream actually work against cellulite?

Nataliya Robinson, of Nataliya Robinson Skin Clinic, thinks it will: “Yes, coffee can help to break down cellulite. Natural materials such as caffeine have firm scientific basis for use in cellulite treatments (topically only), as it can actually stimulate lipolytic activity (fat breakdown). Coffee contains xanthines (found in most human body tissues) which increases lipolytic activity. The key to using coffee products on cellulite areas is to use it during the time when you are not eating, such as early morning or hour before bedtime, when insulin levels are not active. When you consume coffee, this stimulates insulin production and shuts down fat utilisation and lipolytic activity.”

Other cellulite busting ingredients in the Cinq Mondes Slimming Coffee Cream include green coffee, grapefruit acids and kola nut. And the makers say that the best way to use the cream is to smother yourself with it after exercise, as this increases the blood flow making the cream more effective.

For more information visit www.cinqmondes.com

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