The fake abs of Celebrity Big Brother’s Darryn Lyons

The moment in the Celebrity Big Brother house when Darryn Lyons took his top off was definitely one to remember.

Darryn Lyons

Darryn Lyons

Removing his top to show his fake six pack, the other housemates soon started to quiz him, about how someone his size can have such prominent abs. He then discussed how they are fake, and that they’re the result of a successfully body contour procedure.

Darryn Lyons paid around £4000 to have the procedure done, which is called Liposculpture. This involves fat being taken from the stomach area in order to make it look like the person has a six pack. Although he called it cosmetic surgery, professionals have been quick to voice their opinion, stating the fact that this is not cosmetic surgery, as all the procedure involves is fat being removed from around the stomach muscles. Everyone has stomach muscles, no matter how fat or thin, and this procedure is simply one that makes them more prominent.

Darryn has spoken about his joy of undergoing the procedure, and how happy he now is with his body- something he previously disliked. He was so impressed with the results that he decided to invest in the body contour company, comparing the want for the surgery to women wanting bigger boobs, and therefore paying to have a boob job.

Body contour is a term used to describe any type of procedure, also called Liposculpture. Although it sounds like quite a time consuming, delicate procedure, it’s actually quite simple and doesn’t take too much time at all. It’s all about removing the fat from the right areas, creating the clients desired look.

The healing period for Liposculpture is around ten days, which is also when most of the change is recognised. Smaller changes can occur up until around six months after the procedure was first carried out, although these will be hardly recognisable. After eight months of having the surgery, it’s unlikely that more changes will occur.

Darryn Lyons definitely seems happy with the results, so maybe we’ll see more men opting for body contour procedures and less working out at the gym from now on…

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