Facebook launched Couples pages

With more single people than ever before, Facebook’s new innovation may not be welcomed by all.Facebook couples using and accessing their facebook page

The social networking giant has launched couples pages, where you can chart the milestones in your relationship.

The couples Pages bring together all the events you attend together, every image and post onto one page. Similar to existing Timeline profile pages, they are automatically filled with events, photos, likes, mutual friends and status changes that your share.

But with new statistics showing singles are on the increase, not everyone may feel the new-look pages will be for them. Single people are in the majority is some 15 US states and, in the UK, new figures have shown the number of middle-aged people living alone has soared by more than 50 per cent since the mid 1990s.

Facebook, however, has thought of that and says you can use the new system to mark key moments in your friendships too. The new FB Couples pages are part of a wider upgrade to friendship Pages, which were first launched in 2010.

Facebook Couples pagesFacebook’s Arun Vigayvergiya explained: “Starting today, we’re introducing a new layout for friendship pages. Friendship pages combine posts, photos and events that you and another person have shared.”

But some technology experts have already warned the new-look pages could cause problems for Facebook users.

Shane McGlaun from Slashgear said the new structure would expand the reach of Friendship Pages, especially for couples and families, as many people were unaware at the moment of their existence.

But he added that they could “creep some people out,” saying: “It doesn’t appear that there is a way for users to block friends or acquaintances from creating these couple pages about them. It’s also unclear exactly how the photographs are chosen. I would assume it’s based on tags with people’s names. If so, I can see this being an issue for some people considering a page can be made that could lead people to believe you were at an event Facebook Couples pageswith someone else even if it was a large group of people, and you never interacted. In other words, if a jealous girlfriend sees that a page has been created with your name and an ex-girlfriend’s name at the same event, your life is likely to get difficult.”

You can find the couples Pages under your utility icon in the upper right hand corner of profile pages. Until now, it took you to a page that looked like the old-style profile pages, with a shared photo and options for looking at shared wall posts and events. But now, there’s a big cover photo and all of the content underneath.

And Inside Facebook said while users will now be able to edit the shared profile pages in a way they couldn’t previously “users should keep in mind that hiding a story from their own Timeline without deleting it means it is still eligible to appear on a friendship page since it may still be visible on the friend’s Timeline.”

So what at first appears to be a cute way to celebrate your time together looks as if it may turn into a potential minefield.

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