The exercise bike that its makers claim gets rid of cellulite

The-FitWet-Jet-BikeWe’ve all heard of aqua aerobics, but this is taking the concept to a whole new level. A Florida-based firm has come up with a new exercise bike that allows you to ride while sitting in a Jacuzzi-style bathtub.

Called the Fitwet, the machine is claimed to give workouts up to 12 times more intense than those you get on regular exercise bikes.

And, for women who have tried everything to rid their thighs of cellulite, the company says the 12 integral water jets on its machine “exert a massaging action and, especially, a draining one, which allows strong reduction of cellulite.”

Like any other exercise bike, the FitWet Jet Bike is designed to shape and tone the lower body along with having overall benefits for your cardiovascular health.

But its creators also claim it can help get rid of the orange-peel on your thighs. “The draining massage exercised by the jets rubs out the cellulite and the orange skin effect,” say it makers. “The Jet Bike helps to develop one’s cardiovascular capabilities and endurance.”

Developers believe you can burn between 300 to 500 kcal during a half-hour session on the gizmo.

It could be perfect for those who hate getting sweaty in the gym as Jet Bike makers say: “Sweating in the water enables users to regulate the body temperature and to refresh it during the effort.”

Fit Wet-Jet BikeAs the water carries part of your weight, they say the machine provides a sensation of relaxation and well-being while the water resistance also increases the intensity of your efforts, improving muscle balance and tone in the legs, torso, arms and back.

“While pedalling in the air burns a maximum of 400 kcals an hour for people in perfect physical condition and generates sweating, pain and articular issues,” say creators, “we observe that pedalling in water allows you to avoid all those issues and to bring a 800 kcal an hour result, even for beginners.”

It’s an interesting new take on exercising under water. Lots of people like swimming or aqua aerobics because the water serves as a natural shock absorber, limiting stress and pain on vulnerable joints.

Now a new alternative is on the market. Cyclists control the Jet Bike with an interactive touchscreen, which also tells you what your heart rate is and how many calories you have burned. Once you’ve finished your workout, you simply flush out the water.

No details on pricing have yet been released, but it’s sure to be a fair bit more than your regular exercise bike.

We’re guessing it could become the latest celebrity fad. Madonna could be first in line, being well-known for her love of exercise and staying super-toned.

The Queen of Pop was one of the first to try out The Power Plate, a vibrating platform which gives body muscles a high-speed workout by forcing them to contract and relax up to 50 times a second.

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