The ePad Femme: A Tablet designed exclusively for women

I would say ‘Only in America’ but apparently those forwarding thinking boffins in Dubai have hit on what they think all women want – a tablet that is pink, comes preloaded with girlie apps, and looks pretty. The ePad Femme (am I the only person that thinks the name sounds like a sanitary product?) costs $163 and is being marketed as the world’s first tablet designed exclusively for us ladies. Trouble is, us ladies are just as technologically minded as men, and some of us, well, strike that, the majority of us are mightily offended at this device.

The ePad Femme: A Tablet designed exclusively for women

The main problem is not with the colour, I’m sure Katie Price, lover of all things pink would probably like one, but the fact that it comes already with a chosen amount of apps that the manufacturers – Eurostar – have decided all women need. And not only that, but you cannot, I repeat, you cannot download any others. Now forgive me for stating the obvious, but surely the discovery of new apps and being able to download them is one of the main joys of owning a tablet in the first place?

Moving on, so which apps do you think this company imagine us women should want on our ePad? Well, once we have set down our knitting needles, put away our cross stitch patterns, finished darning hubbies socks and put the dinner on, we are then free to peruse the ‘our groceries’ so we can plan the weeks shopping lists, the ‘clothing size conversation’ in case we come across a US size in a local charity shop, the ‘daily yoga’ to perfect our lotus pose, ‘women’s fitness’, as well as ‘finest perfume for women’ and of course pregnancy and recipes. Yawn.

For those of you who understand a little on how these tricky devices work, and you might need your husband’s superior knowledge here, the specifications are as follows: the tablet runs Android 4.0 ICS, it has an 8 inch HD screen, a 1.5 GHz CPU and 16 GB of storage, plus WiFi and USB connection, it weighs 440 grams and packs a 4200 mAh battery. Oh and did I mention it comes in pink?

And just to add insult to injury, the Associate Vice President for Marketing, a Mr Mani Nair, (may I gently suggest a new career) says: “The tablet comes preloaded with applications so you can just turn it on and log in to cooking recipes or yoga.’ Nair told The Media Line: ‘It makes a perfect gadget for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications and it is a quick reference.’

Well thank goodness for that then! As for the choice of colour, knowing women as well as he does, Ali Saif Eddin, an electronics salesman, spoke to Gulf News to share his insight: ‘It comes in pink because it’s for women. It’s quite fast selling because it’s unique. Women come in groups and buy two or three pieces and advise their friends to come.’

Eurostar who developed the product, deny it was intended to be sexist, and say that it has sold around 7,000 of them. And do you know what? I’m not even going to insult you by telling you where you can buy one from. You might have a chuckle however at the online poll in the Huffington Post yesterday that asked readers what they thought of the ePad. The results are below:

Quick poll on The ePad Femme:

Courtesy: Huffington Post

Now I’m just waiting for the women only smart TV set, that has a remote designed to call in your husband when you need to switch channels.

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