The Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

Engagement rings are an intensely personal choice and many people feel they are constrained by the traditional idea of a gold band with the largest possible diamond. Why not read this guide to finding the right engagement ring for you and your relationship?

Communication is important; while in the past, the proposing party wandered off to buy whatever ring he (traditionally) saw fit, nowadays people are far more open about it and if you have specific desires for your engagement ring you should discuss them together.

Non-traditional rings are becoming the norm, with gold often put aside in favour of silver, platinum and palladium. If you prefer any of these to the more traditional gold, then go for it – there are options galore. In terms of the stone, you are not bound to diamond. If you are, there are bloodless options available which you should feel comfortable asking about. Amethyst, cubic zirconium, and other stones are also becoming popular and you should be able and willing to find something that suits you.

Don’t be afraid of rings which aren’t technically engagement rings; after all, your engagement ring should be a symbol of your commitment and your relationship. You needn’t adhere to anyone’s expectations or stereotypes except your own.

When you’re looking for an engagement ring, remember that you’ll also be wearing a wedding ring. Not only should you be looking for a matching wedding ring with a version for each of you, you should also be considering how you plan to wear both rings after the wedding. If you intend to wear the engagement ring on the inside, with the wedding ring ‘locking in’ the commitment of marriage, you’ll want it to be slightly larger than the wedding ring. If you plan to wear it as most people do, with the wedding ring on the inside, it can be slightly smaller. Talk to your jeweller ahead of time to ensure you get what you want.

Above all, while there are usually financing options available, be careful not to overreach financially. Many couples opt for a cheap ring at the time of engagement, and later upgrade as and when they’re able to. Putting yourself in an uncomfortable financial situation will not help you enjoy your engagement and your wedding, and will add extra strain onto the already-stressful situation of planning your special day. At the end of the day, the idea is to inaugurate your life together with a wonderful wedding day, so make sure you enjoy it to the full – and congratulations!

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