End ‘Muffin Top’ with Asda’s ‘Bum and Tum’ jeans

Here at the shoppersbase we love George at Asda. They were the first to realise the potential of the fleecy onesie, they invented the Twosie just for Valentine’s Day and they cottoned onto heating retaining technology for their thermals before many of the main High Street retailers. So it comes as no surprise to learn that once again, they are on the forefront of tackling a problem that 60% of men voted the biggest turn off on a woman. I’m talking about the dreaded ‘muffin top’; that un-slightly phenomena that occurs when women wear low waisted jeans that cause their tummies to spill over the material.

(before) image of a lady not wearing Bum and Tum' jeans with Muffin top Showing and (after) image showing the effect of Bum and Tum jeans

And as 64% of women say that dislike their stomach, and 41% also hate their bottoms, Asda’s £18 Bum & Tum Jeans are set to be one of the supermarkets’ biggest seller. Since the launch of the Bum & Tum Jeans last September, Asda say that sales have soared, with many sizes now out of stock online.

Muffin Top Vs asda's Bum and Turn muffin jeans - Front view

The way the super new Bum and Tum jeans work is by flattening the stomach and having enough fabric to cover those wobbly bits that hang over the edge of traditional low waisted ones. The Bum and Tum jeans feature a higher waistband which pulls in the extra muffin flab, and there is a secret inner support panel that is designed to flatten the stomach. The Muffin jeans also feature a clever bum-lifting technology to create the perfect bottom.

Muffin Top Vs asda's Bum and Turn muffin jeans - Rear view

Asda state that the jeans were so popular last year, that they have added more colours for Spring, including a stone hued version.

'Bum and Tum' jeans - How it Works

Fiona Lambert, George Brand Director said: ‘Due to popular demand we have launched a brand new colour of the Muffin Stop jean for Spring. They’re the perfect way to lighten up and tighten up as we move into the new season. We expect the stone and the re-launch of black and indigo styles to be just as popular with customers as first time around.’


The Asda Bum Jeans are available in four colours, black, indigo, grey and stone, and come in sizes from 8 to 24, in short, regular and longer lengths. The great bum and tum skinny jeans come complete with double button and zip fastening with pockets to the front and back and fabric composition is 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane.

To see available Bum and Tum jeans stock, visit George at Asda and search for The Great ‘Bum and Tum’ Jeans.

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