The Elevation Dock that Apple should have made for iPhone?

It’s not just us that’s saying it, it’s tech experts from all over the globe. They are talking about Elevation Dock, the new dock for iPhones, recently funded on KickStarter and now available on ElevationLab.com.


Elevation Dock was created after Casey Hopkins and his Elevation Lab team felt frustrated at the poor quality of the docks for iPhones. They thought that undocking was particularly difficult and they weren’t impressed with the cheap, plastic mould injected bodies, or the lightweight feel of them. So that’s why they decided to design the Elevation Dock.


But they paid attention to the details. Using a minimalistic design, and crafted from high quality grade aluminum which is precision machined, each Elevation Dock is made by using a solid billet of aircraft grade aluminum, which is then individually CNC machined. There is no molding or casting. The result is a high quality, solid and strong beautifully designed product.


The Elevation Dock comes in a variety of fabulous surface finishes, all crafted to the highest level of craftsmanship. The team wanted a similar look that you find on the body of Apple’s unibody Macbook Pro’s and iMacs, so they worked with a specialized metal finishing company. The result is a super fine finish that has been hand buffed, glass bead blasted, electro-chemically micro-polished, hard anodized and sealed.

And gone is the difficulty of undocking, all you have to do is pull up the iPhone, without having to hold the dock down. This is because the Elevation Dock is designed with a special low-friction connection, the pure weight of the solid metal construction, and the rubber feet which help to adhere to the desk.


No case? No problem, as the Elevation Dock is designed to work with or without a case. Incorporated within the design is a movable support pad allows you to use the dock with or without a case and in a range of case sizes.

It is not just the look and the ease of docking that makes the Elevation Dock such a hit with the tech experts, the dock’s acoustics have also got them in a bit of a tizz. The dock has been especially designed to get the best sound from the iPhone, and make it appear less tinny when put on a desk. So music sounds much more authentic and even speakerphone and FaceTime calls sound better. The position that the iPhone rests in the dock is perfectly angled back at 9.5 degrees, making you sit perfectly in the screen.


The Elevation Dock comes in a variety of colours depending on whether you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. Colors for the iPhone 4 include Glass Bead Blasted (Apple grey), Matte Black, Hand Polished Black and Hand Polished Blue, and prices range from $79 – $89. Colors for the iPhone 5 dock include as above and Hand Polished Red, and prices range from $79 to $109.


There is also a choice of USB cord length, with a shorter length available if required. All the Elevation Docks have been manufactured and assembled in Oregon, and the product was undoubtedly one of the most successful launches on KickStarter, with a goal of $75,000 completely surpassed with 12,521 backers pledging $1,464,706, which has been funded by a whopping 1,952%.

Here’s what the experts have been saying:

Wired: “The Dock Apple should have made in the first place.”

Gizmodo: “I’m tempted to buy an iPhone just so I can use the Elevation Dock”

MJ Siegler: “out Apple’d, Apple.”

Cult of Mac: “Elevation Lab Has Designed The Most Gorgeous iPhone Dock Ever Made”

Digital Trends: “Great design if you ask us. Why didn’t Apple think of this?”

TNW: “The Elevation Dock for iPhone blows away Apple’s crap options”

Cool Material “The Elevation Dock is, to put it bluntly, perfect.”

To find out more, visit the KickStarter page, or to buy an Elevation Dock for yourself, visit the ElevationLab.com page.

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