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Say hello to the Easy To Use Mobile phone which incorporates big buttons, clear digits and easy operation, to provide everything you need to stay in touch. As many mobile phones are now getting smaller, buttons more fiddly and have more and more difficult functions incorporated in them, this phone does exactly what is it supposed to do, make calls and send texts. All the unnecessary extras have been removed and it has lovely large buttons, which can be programmed to say the numbers out loud (great for the visually impaired) and it has an emergency SOS button on the back which auto dials assistance from friends or relatives.

This phone is ideal for the elderly, those who have a registered disability or have poor hearing and or sight problems. It has a speed dial function which allows the user to pre programme many numbers and only press one button. The talk time is an amazing 8 hours without recharging the battery, there is a volume control which you can alter to very loud, perfect for the hearing impaired, and it has amongst its other functions a built in torch.

The SOS button is probably the best feature on this phone and also makes it an ideal gift for sons and daughters to give to their elderly parents. Simply input up to 4 numbers and and when the orange SOS button is pressed this then activates the emergency auto-dialling sequence where the receiver will get a HELP message alerting them that the caller needs assistance. The auto-dialling sequence continues until someone picks up the call. You can also programme the SOS button to text a message instead of calling. The Easy To Use Mobile Phone is currently on offer at £29.95 plus P&P of £4.95 by calling 0844 880 1040 or going to The phone comes with a charger supplied with a three pin socket, an earphone or headphone socket and has a built in radio, clock and alarm. An ideal gift for anyone who has trouble using a modern day mobile phone or anyone with a visual or hearing impediment. It does not come with a sim card so you”ll need to buy one.

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