The Dulux Paint Pod – Worth Your Money or Useless Gimmick?

When my husband and I decided to re-do our living room, we came up with a colour scheme rather quickly. A terracotta accent wall sits behind the television and my bureau, and the other three walls are painted in a nice, soothing taupe to off-set the red and blend seamlessly into the rest of our home. Buying the paint, however, proved to be a bit more of an issue.

We got our terracotta quite quickly; I forget which brand we went for, but it was a one-coat variety which provided the precise shade we’d wanted. When it came to the rest of the room, however, my husband became immediately enamoured with the idea of a Paint Pod. The portable model, which between you and me does everything the more voluminous model does but for far less money, set us back about £30.

Of course the paint is more expensive; you need specific paint for the Paint Pod. More, I assume, because of the size and shape of the container, which slots handily into the Paint Pod itself. We found the precise shade of taupe we’d been looking for – Muddy Puddle – and off we went home.

Now you may or may not know this, but one-coat paint rarely takes just one coat. In our case, we were covering a previously yellow wall which had inexplicable orange squares on it. It ended up taking two coats of one-coat with a hand roller. The other walls – plain yellow – were painted with the Paint Pod’s convenient system.

Now, first of all, I’m going to tell you that there is nothing quite like it. Holding that tray at the top of a ladder? It turns painting into a painful and irritating affair. Refills are – in my case – always fraught with spillage and annoyance. But with the Paint Pod, all you do is climb the ladder, press the button, and paint. It was beyond amazing in terms of convenience.

The walls, however, took more painting. Of course, the Paint Pod paint wasn’t a one-coat variety. Nevertheless, three coats made it and we’ve been very happy with it. But this isn’t the big news. The big news is that giving three walls three coats each used as much paint – in terms of volume – as giving one wall two coats. Now, I’m all about interpreting these things accurately, but that’s pretty clear data. The Paint Pod saved us immense amounts of paint, and where we bought two buckets of Muddle Puddle, we still have more than a bucket and a half left over for the rest of the house.

As for the cleaning system, it isn’t great. It’s convenient enough, but it doesn’t take less time than cleaning a normal system. Running the water through the tube until it comes out clear takes about fifteen minutes and you’re still cleaning the roller by hand. That said, it’s well worth it when you’re saving a tonne in terms of paint.

Maybe the Paint Pod isn’t the most important purchase for a family which paints a room maybe once every few years. But if home improvement is important to you and you have a fair bit of painting left to do (or re-paint regularly), the Paint Pod will pay for itself in no time at all. Happy painting!

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