The Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Extensions

The use of hair extensions is becoming popular among a lot of women who always wanted to have longer and straighter hair. This is a very good solution for women who are impatient about waiting for their hair to grow to the length they prefer. This is actually the most instant way to achieve longer hair. However, before deciding on whether to have hair extension or not, you should take time to do a little research regarding how the whole process is done, the best type of hair to use and how to take care of it so as to save you from regrets and frustration in the end. Here are some tips and facts that you should know if you are planning to have hair extensions.

Strands Hair Extension

Strands Hair Extension

There are actually two types of extensions, the individual strands and the wefts. The individual strands involve applying 20-50 strands of extensions to the different areas of your own hair. The extensions are usually applied by using glues, clamps, polymers, waxes or by simply weaving in. The main disadvantage of this type of hair extension is that they can be difficult to remove without damaging your own hair. The individual strands extensions can also only last for a few months. After that, they should be completely removed or re-applied once again.

Wefts Hair Extensions

Wefts Hair Extensions

The more popular and preferred type of extensions is the wefts. This type can be handmade or machine made. The more preferred type is the handmade ones because they are usually done to compliment and suit your head. The machine made wefts also uses less quality type of hair compared to the handmade ones. Actually, wefts look like curtain of hairs that are applied by sewing them to your own hair by making tiny braids. The braids are usually done underneath the hairline so that they will not be so visible. Wefts also last longer than the individual strands type.

Once you have decided about the kind of hair extensions that you would like to have then you should also learn on how to take care of them. One of the most important things to consider in taking care of your extensions is to keep them moisturized. You have to wash and moisturize them every 2-3 days because they do not produce the natural oil that your own hair is producing. You also need brush them carefully to remove the knots before you sleep or take a shower. It is also advisable not to blow dry or brush your hair extensions vigorously so as not to damage them and put your money to waste.

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