The Disney Experience

To many families, taking the kids to Disneyland Paris or California, or to Disney world in Florida is The Dream. People who have grown up with, and instilled in their kids a love of Mickey Mouse and his many cartoonish friends love the idea of spending a few days or even a couple of weeks in a park dedicated to the Disney experience, and of course it’s meant to be the most amazing experience children could go through. But which one should you attend? Here are some tips to help you decide.

A very important thing to consider when making this decision is weather. Of course, having a sunny day out is wonderful – but the weather in Florida can be unbelievably stifling. With this come bugs – mosquitoes and such – and exhaustion. The latter, of course, is not conducive to having a fun time. California’s weather, which is a bit dryer and therefore easier to cope with, can be a little easier to deal with and in Paris the weather is relatively temperate (though warmer and dryer than that of the UK). These considerations are particularly important if you’re travelling with very small children, elderly people, or people with weakened constitutions. If anyone in your party suffers from migraines, they may find them worsened by very hot weather and you should not only consider your destination accordingly but also the time of year when you take the journey.

Which park you go to also determines which attractions you’ll be able to enjoy. Research the availability at each park carefully and make your decisions accordingly, but be ready to compromise!

Finally, consider travelling time. If your dream is to go to the original Disneyland (in California) or the largest park (in Florida) then there is nothing wrong with making that dream come true. But do you want to spend all that time on an aeroplane with a fussing set of kids? If you do, then prepare carefully to make sure you can keep them busy. You may find it works best if you leave early in the morning so you don’t have to try to get your children to sleep on the plane, or you might find the opposite to be easier. Think through your options carefully and decide accordingly.

And above all, get set to enjoy what promises to be the family experience of a lifetime! You’re sure to enjoy yourself, regardless of which park you attend.

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