The different uses of a benzoyl peroxide wash

Before knowing about how this thing works let us know what it actually is. This is an organic compound and is one of the most important peroxides when application is considered and also when its application is considered. It is not only used as a wash for acne but also in the kitchen to increase the flavor of flour, to polymerization and also for bleaching teeth and hair. Such is the importance of the compound that the World Health Organization has enlisted it in the list of essential medicines.

You might have seen that when you suffer from acne most of the doctors would recommend you a medicine that has the said compound in it. When you use a benzoyl peroxide wash it works as a peeling agent and washes away the dirt and the toxins from your face. With more and more application of the same you find that your skin has improved a lot. However, excessive use of the benzoyl peroxide wash sometimes might have adverse effects. It might cause itching and peeling of the skin. Sometimes it might also redden your skin and for the people who have very sensitive skin you can also suffer from swelling. It is sensible to use the chemical in least amount if you use it regularly. For most of the people, your skin develops a tolerance level for the cream and you do not experience the mentioned points. For the ones who face continuous problems it is better that you start looking for different options. The best cream is Solugel that would treat your acne.

The compound is mixed with different kinds of chemicals like sulfur, salicylic acid, antibiotics, retinoid and other substances so that they can be used without side effects.

The wash acts as an anti-microbial wash which washes away dirt and microbes that cause acne. If you want to use the chemical in your hair then you can use the wash for dyeing or bleaching hair and for whitening teeth. Even secondary contact is enough for bleaching, if you use a piece of cloth which was used to wash benzoyl peroxide. You can also find the use of the compound in the paint industry. If you use a benzoyl peroxide wash the concentration of the compound is slightly more than when you use it for acne treatments. Since it is a very strong agent for bleaching, you would be able to dye or color your hair as soon as you apply it. Since it is very strong make sure you do not over do it.

Some other uses of the peroxide as already mentioned are in the making of flour, in chemical reactions as a catalyst and as a hardener. However since this compound is explosive using this as a wash for domestic use is better. Always go for a test and doctor’s advice when you use a benzoyl peroxide wash because otherwise you might have problems in the future.


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