Types of blackhead extractors and easy ways to get rid of blackheads

All of us irrespective of gender have blackheads also known as comedones. These are some sort of acne that is found all over the face and mainly on the nose formed due to clogging of pores. Sometimes you also have whiteheads that are same but they look white. Since they do not look good on our faces there are blackhead extractors that are now found the market.

You can also visit a parlor and get rid of those unattractive blackheads easily.

Using an extractor is one of the best and safest ways of getting red of acnes. There are different ways in which you can extract a blackhead. You can either go for tweezers or for small pads of cloth with chemicals that would take out all the black and the whiteheads. The basic idea is to unclog the pores of the skin.

Though many of us simply use our hands to squeeze them out experts’ have advised a blackhead extractor. It neither damages your skin nor does make you uncomfortable.

blackhead extractorThere are different kinds of extractors that are found in the market. They are known as lancet comedones, comedone extractors, double spoon comdone extractors, tissue extractors and many more. Out of all of them the best blackhead extractor is the tissue extractor.

It is a small piece of tissue which you place on your nose and keep it for sometime and then when it is removed the blackheads are also brought out. Other one is the comodone one which is a steel tool having a hole in the center. You press it on the pores and then not only the blackhead but also dirt and other impurities come out. It is comparatively painful.

For the deep seated blackheads the extractor is the lancet extractor. It has two holes on both the ends. One hole is used to dig a hole and the other is used to extract the blackhead. The other one is the double spoon extractor which is used to remove the ones that cannot be removed by normal extractors. This one has holes of different sizes that would help you get an acne free skin.

Sometimes too much use of the extractors might cause red marks on your face. Though they are temporary it is better if you do not extract the deep seated ones. Especially if you are someone who has very sensitive skin make do with the blackheads that are removed at the very beginning. For this group of people tissue extractor is the best.

You can find these tools almost anywhere in the market. Use lukewarm water so that your pores open up. This might reduce pain. After you are successful in removing your blackheads or your whiteheads make sure you wash your face and massage a cream gently.

So bid goodbye to the blackheads and say hello to your good looks with the simple white head and blackhead extractors.

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