The dangers of stress and how to relieve yourself from it

Stress is extremely damaging to your health and can also be a trigger for serious illnesses, such as depression. Although easier said than done, stress should try to be avoided at all costs, by identifying the causes of stress in your life, and realising the triggers.

Some common causes of stress are:

  • Bereavement– the loss of someone you know can offer trigger something like stress, as you feel low and don’t know where or who to turn. This confusion can lead to people shutting themselves away, whilst also triggering depression in the worst situations.
  • Divorce– the break up of marriage can leave people feeling lonely and heartbroken. Some people in this situation find it hard to ever recover from it, and therefore stress about how they can repair and rebuild their lives.
  • New job– a new job causes all sorts of different emotions. From being happy you’ve been offered the opportunity, to feeling apprehensive about learning something new and working with new people, this situation is quite often a trigger of stress.
  • Lack of holidays– everyone needs a frequent break from the routine of life once in a while, so when this isn’t possible, it can cause stress and anxiety. A lack of holidays can often be because you are a single parent, because you have a lack of money, or maybe because you generally feel down and don’t want to mix with others. Whatever the reason, and whatever the type of holiday it is, a break should always be taken.
  • Deadlines– whether a school deadlines, university deadline, or work deadline, they can all cause a huge amount of stress. This is because people like to live up to the expectations others have of them, and therefore feel stressed about the possibility of letting them down or being late to deliver.
  • Disability– this can be a trigger of stress, as those who are disabled can sometimes feel frustrated at the difficulty they face in getting something done.

Some common signs of stress are:

  • Sensitivity towards critical comments
  • Nail biting
  • Migraines
  • Loss of concentration
  • Trouble sleeping

In order to give yourself the best chance of avoiding stress, you should practice relaxation techniques when you feel that life is getting too much for you. Whilst relaxing will decrease your chance of having heart problems in the future, it will also improve your coping skills and protect you from mental health problems, too.

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