The Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss

Maybe you have been battling with your weight for a long time or maybe you have just decided to lose weight. Either way, if you are highly motivated, it can be simple to lose weight quickly by following the latest diet fad. In fact, when the motivation levels are high, sticking to a bad diet is fairly simple.

Crash Diets Work?

Crash diets do work – or at least they seem to. You can easily lose four to eight pounds or more in a week. The reason that crash diets allow see you losing so much weight is because they are specially geared towards “detoxing” and getting rid of water weight. Much of the weight you lose on these diets is water weight. It is simply not possible to lose fat that quickly.

The Yo-Yo Effect

When it comes to crash dieting, the good results crash once you go off the rails. And you will go off the rails eventually – no one can live on cabbage soup for the rest of their lives, after all. Crash diets are usually very restrictive eating plans and so when you go back to eating normally, your body hangs onto the extra calories for dear life. You will find that your metabolism has slowed down to conserve energy expenditure and, not only will you regain your weight; you will gain even more besides.

The Skinny on Rapid Weight Loss

The other negative aspect of losing weight to fast is the effect it has on your skin. This effect is most readily seen in those that have had to lose a lot of weight. If you lose weight at a reasonable pace, your skin can adjust itself accordingly. If you lose weight too fast, your skin will remain the same size it was before you lost the weight. This can cause unsightly flaps of skin that will hang all over the place and look really bad. The way to combat this is to keep skin well-nourished and to slow down the weight loss.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Do you remember the old story about the hare and the tortoise? The hare raced off and was much faster than the tortoise, in the end though, he lost the whole lead that he had built up. The tortoise won anyway because he just kept on steadily. You may really want to lose the weight quickly but you need to remember that you didn’t gain it overnight. Losing weight slowly and steadily through following a healthy eating plan is the best way to lose the weight.

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