The Croods: Rovio and DreamWorks made prehistory together

the croodsIt sounds like it cannot possibly fail – a partnership between Angry Birds creator Rovio and DreamWorks Animation.

The two have announced they have teamed up to make a game based on DreamWorks’ comedy adventure The Croods.

The game, which will be available for both iOS and Android, will be released on March 14, just over a week before The Croods is due in movie theaters, in time for the school Easter holidays.

The Croods is a 3D family adventure following the adventures of the world’s first modern family as they must embark on the journey of a lifetime after the cave they call their home is destroyed.

Patriarch Grug already has a lot of cope with but it goes from bad to worse when the family encounter a nomad called Guy. But, with Guy’s help The Croods manage to conquer their fear of the outside world and discover they have what it takes to survive.

the croods imageIt has a cast of A-list stars, including Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds.

The new game version sees players hunting and gathering their way through out-of-this world landscapes as they struggle to tame never-before-seen creatures. Tasks include re-building a village and catching weird animals in order to level-up.

“Help The Croods survive the wild… and each other!” runs the game’s tagline.

Rovio’s executive vice president on games Petri Järvilehto has spoken about his excitement over working with DreamWorks. “DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods is filled with wonderful characters and creatures in an incredibly detailed, inventive world – it was just begging for its very own mobile game. It’s been an incredible experience having our two teams working closely together on extending the story to mobile platforms.”

And DreamWorks seems as delighted to be working with Rovio. DreamWorks Animation’s head of global interactive Chris Hewish, said: “Rovio set the industry standard in mobile gaming with Angry Birds, and we believe their massive community of active users will go wild for The Croods.”

“We’ve developed a close and collaborative relationship with Rovio in which our world-class filmmakers created an incredible piece of custom animation on the home screen that introduces players to the game’s beautifully rich aesthetics.”the croods pic

It’s the second time Finnish developer Rovio has got together with DreamWorks. The two also worked with each other on Angry Birds Rio – a tie-in with the movie Rio, which saw a blue parrot called, well what else but Blu, travel to Brazil, get over his fear of flying and find love.

Some have cast doubt on whether the new The Croods game will be a success coming on the back of movie spin-offs that have been less than popular.

“This all sounds great doesn’t it?” says techradar. “But can Rovio achieve the seemingly impossible and release a move tie-in game that’s actually worth playing?”

Well, with Rovio and DreamWorks behind it, we can’t see how The Croods could be anything less than addictive.

Nothing could, however, be as successful as Angry Birds, which is the number one selling app of all time.

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