The Christmas Rose: explaining the myth of the symbols

There are many symbols when it comes to Christmas. They generally are used today in reference to some myth or legend attached to it. There are many symbols which matter a lot for Christmas while some have fallen into oblivion and is not found to be that common these days. The use of the mistletoe and the star of Bethlehem or even for that sake the use of the stockings are very common reference to the Christmas symbols. However, something like the Christmas rose is almost unknown these days and references of it can only be found in books. The Christmas rose is a part of the tradition as much as the Christmas tree is, it is only that the rose has lost its popularity and significance with the passage of time.

The Rose has a story to tell

There is a definite story attached to that of the Christmas rose. It dates back to the time when Jesus was born. There was a young girl named Madelon. She was a simple and humble girl who was really very poor. When she heard about the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God, she wanted to go and visit him. She went to see the child and upon her arrival there at the place she saw that people had all come with very expensive and lovely gifts. Some had brought lovely flowers while others had brought him gold. Madelon did not know what to give the child. She had nothing with her and she was too poor to gift Jesus anything. So, she wanted to give him a rose. However since it was winter all the plants had withered and dried up. She could not find a single flower. Taking pity on the girl, from the heavens ascended an angel who gave her a white rose which had bloomed from the very spot where Madelon’s tears had fallen. A happy Madelon, thanking the angel presented the child with the beautiful white rose which is today known as the Christmas rose.

What is the Christmas rose?

That the flower bloomed from where Madelon had shed her tears is a myth. So, is this plant real? Yes, indeed. Every winter season these flowers bloom and are capable of surviving the harsh weather conditions that prevail during this time of the year. In fact the flower is famous these days because of its capacity to stand the harsh winter months. It has another name too Helleborus Niger. It is sometimes also referred to as Snow Rose or Black Hellbore. The places where the flower is found are in the mountainous regions of Europe and some parts of Southern Asia as well. It is a flower which basically blooms in the mountains and is not meant to be found in the plains. It is beautiful to behold and white in color. There are in total five petals. They give a leathery feel on being touched. The best part about this plant is that it stays quite fresh even after a long time of being cut off.

The Christmas rose is one of the very important symbols associated with Christmas.

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