The Christmas cooking gadgets to help you make the perfect festive lunch

If all of your presents are bought, neatly labelled with the recipient’s name and piled under the Christmas tree, your attention has probably now turned to cooking Christmas lunch.

But, if you struggle to get to grips with producing the perfect Turkey that is moist yet cooked through and sprouts that are still firm to the bite rather than turning into unappealing green mush, these gizmos may just fit the bill to make you feel like Delia Smith in the kitchen.

Roasting pan

roasting pan

It catches lots of us out. You order the perfect turkey to feed all your guests, only to realise on Christmas morning that you don’t have a big enough roasting tin to fit it in. This one is $99.95 from Cuisinart. It measures 16 inches so you should fit your bird in and has a thick bottom and sides which are designed to retain heat for even cooking, meaning the turkey should cook properly right the way through.



Getting the timings right so that everything cooks together can be a bit of a nightmare. And, at Christmas, the single-function timer included on most ovens just isn’t enough. Oxo’s timer, at $19.99 allows you to time three things at once and there are different alarm sounds to differentiate between them, so you shouldn’t forget to put the potatoes in, drain the veg or check the turkey.

Oven companion

oven companion

While your oven may be the perfect size for feeding your family throughout the rest of the year, at Christmas your guest list grows and you find yourself wondering how you are going to fit all your food onto the two shelves that came with your appliance. That’s where this clever gizmo – £15 from chefscatalog comes in. A sturdy three-tier chromed-steel rack gives you two extra levels of oven space to cook in. It’s dishwasher safe and folds flat for storage when you’re not using it.

Probe thermometer

Probe thermometer

Because we only cook such a big roast once or twice a year, we all worry about whether it’s going to be cooked all the way through to the middle, with no dangerous cold spots. This Taylor Digital Thermometer, $19.99, takes the guess-work out of it. A stainless steel probe goes into the oven and you set the desired final temperature on the gizmo, which sounds an alarm when your food gets hot enough.

Fat separator

Fat separator

If you want to make your own gravy from the tasty juices of your meat, much nicer than simply scooping a few gravy granules out of a jar and into a jug, then Oxo’s gadget is perfect for the job. Costing £14.99, you poor your gravy in and watch as the fat rises to the top while all the lean gravy settles to the bottom. Then, you simply remove the strainer and stopper and pour out the perfect gravy with no fat or lumpy bits.

Carving set

Carving set

Once you’ve removed your bird from the oven and placed it as the centre piece in the table (hopefully to oohs and aahs from impressed guests), you’ll need a decent carving set to cut the perfect slivers of meat. This set by Calphalon costs £32.99 and has a carving fork to hold roasts firmly down while you take perfect slices with ease.

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